Ever since he was a few years old, Yung Gecko always remembered being surrounded by music. At home his parents would always have different CD’s playing throughout the day ranging from classical music, 80’s-90’s hits, as well as songs in foreign languages from a wide variety of different cultures.

When he was in 4th grade, Yung Gecko was given the opportunity to choose an instrument to play in his elementary school band, he decided to pick the alto saxophone. After a year of playing, Yung Gecko came to the realization that music was meant for him and this was a passion he would continue for the rest of his life. Wanting to further expand his musical knowledge, Yung Gecko began taking piano lessons in the 5th grade, an instrument which he believes is the most important to be familiar with.

Continuing to work hard to master his skills on the saxophone and piano, Yung Gecko became fascinated with electronic music as he entered middle school. Still listening to electronic music, mostly centered around the genre of Trap, Yung Gecko first heard the song “Jumpman” by Drake and Future in his freshman year of high school and was in shock how much he enjoyed it.

To Yung Gecko, it was similar to the Trap/Electronic genre, but simpler in regards to the beat. To make up for the simplicity, the vocals were added as the frosting on the musical cake. After hearing this song, Yung Gecko decided to further explore the genre of Hip-Hop/Rap and it would come to be his new favorite type of music. Inspired by this genre, Yung Gecko put together his music knowledge and passion for rap and decided to begin producing beats.

To him, without his knowledge of piano, composing would have been very difficult, especially creating melodies and countermelodies to intertwine with the bassline and drums. Continuing to produce beats throughout high school, Yung Gecko also experimented with rapping and freestyling with his friends as well as recording songs, but never releasing any projects. Wanting to first master his craft, Yung Gecko kept his productions private until his senior year of high school, when he recorded his first serious song “Fake Friends”. As well as putting out music, Yung Gecko enjoys sharing his passion for music through teaching.

He is currently studying Music Education as his major in college and hopes to be able to inspire those with music the same way it has positively impacted his own life.


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