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HR professionals are no longer confined to the traditional role of hiring employees. Of course, they hire but their job doesn’t end after hiring. Rather, their job starts after hiring. Modern HR professionals are not expected to work with the managers and CEOs of the organization. Their focus has been shifted to people management and the productivity of the organization.

A career in HR is not as easy as it may seem. Professionals are getting into this lucrative field to earn high packages and work with the top companies. You should know that this is only possible through HR certifications. These certifications are enough to portray that the professional can now take the responsibility of the organization and is skilled enough to take independent actions.

Here are a few certifications that you must have a look at before you start a career in HR-


The HR Certification Institute offers certifications for career advancement. It provides three certifications that include-

Associate Professional in Human Resources

This certification is designed for those beginning their career in HR. If you are looking to kick-start your career in the field of HR, this certification is a perfect match for you.

Professional in Human Resources

The certificate is given to the professionals who are already working in the field of HR. The main focus is put on the practical aspects rather than on business strategy and management.

Senior Professional in Human Resources

The certificate is earned by the professionals who have an inclination towards designing HR policy or business strategy.


The Society for Human Resource Management comprises of 3,00,000 professionals across 165 countries and offers two certifications for the professionals-

CP (Certified Professional)

This certification is absolute for early and mid-career HR candidates. Individuals enrolled for this certification are in their final year of an undergraduate or graduate degree program. They also provide learning management system to the learners.

SCP (Senior Certified Professional)

This certification is ideal for senior-level HR candidates. If you are in the field of HR or are in the director-level or higher, get ready to grab this certification as it will equip you with skills to take up the ownership to force the overall business direction.

TMI (Talent Management Institute)

Time to introduce you to the promising certification body that offers three certifications for excelling in HR- Talent Management Practioner, Senior Talent Management Practitioner, and Global Talent Management Leader.

Talent Management Practitioner (TMP)

Gear up HR professionals and recent graduates for TMP. Time to experience growth in your career with HR degree and talent management qualification. Boost your brain with knowledge and earn this certification.

Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP)

STMP is the certification ideal for mid-career HR professionals. Polish yourself for the big roles in the future and grab the best in the industry.

Global Talent Management Leader (GTML)

You should be aware of the fact that TMI has partnered with The Wharton School and has come with the learning material that is based on modern techniques, frameworks, and tools. The blend of their learning course will give you a dose of knowledge that will ensure that are able to drive the growth of the business. Moreover, you will be enabled to achieve global leadership roles.

IPMA (International Project Management Association for HR)

Stand out of the crowd by getting certification from IPMA. It offers two certifications- IPMA- CP and IPMA- SCP.


With this certification, you will be geared up for the position of human resources specialist, generalist, and managers. The certification is meant for the mid-level or entry-level public sector HR professionals.


Senior level public sector professionals can take this certification and prepare themselves for the position of manager, director, senior manager or executive.

Hope that you have got all your answers. Get ready to make it big in this big field of human resources!


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