The questioning entity is raising the question as he is safe and secured now and discussing, talking. One simply wants the relief of satisfactory answer. Can the question become an urgency in the same manner as if you are in immediate physical danger. Urgency to know the Truth reveals the Truth.

One thinks as if science, economics or ideas about God will solve the issue. Can one see that any idea postpones the issue?

There are those in whom these questions do not arise. They keep themselves adjusted with explanations.

But if you have become so passionate about these questions, so serious about these questions that you want an answer ‘Now’. No explanation, religious or scientific is able to assuage the pain of these questions. You are bent upon.

Suddenly, you realize that there is no one to answer. You are Alone. From whom you are seeking answers?

Now you will touch the original pain, the original resistance, the original energy on which the Life is sustained.

The need for answers suddenly drops; you become one with Life as it is.

You touch the unending stream of Life.

The mystery of existence starts unfolding.