As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Human Design Specialist my experience of Human Design is that it is a tool that allows people to connect with the truth & beauty of who they are.  

It’s channeled wisdom that combines Eastern & Western astrology, the I-Ching, the Hindu chakra system, Kabbalah, and quantum physics. You can find your human design type at by entering your birthday, time, and place.

When you first get your chart, it can feel like you’re trying to understand another language, while riding a unicycle. Having someone give you an overview of the basics will save you a lot of headaches, confusion & time. 

For self-learners I recommend the book, Understanding Human Design by Karen Parker.  Once you begin to decode your chart you will find your gifts, the challenges that are necessary for your growth, and patterns that have been repeating your whole life because you have yet to learn the lesson. Understanding your own unique energy has the potential for allowing deep self-compassion for yourself and others, because it becomes clear that nothing is personal and everyone experiences the energies of the world differently.

Why is Human Design a path to love?

As a therapist who supports individuals who are struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, as well as relationship challenges and parenting struggles. I have found that understanding your Human Design can connect people with their true self, which deepens self-love.  Once you truly love YOURSELF it enables you to give and receive love from others.  Your increased awareness can guide you in making aligned decisions that enable you to move forward with clarity AND minimize indecision.

Plus, when you learn about other types you learn how to communicate in ways where everyone can get their energy needs met and their emotional cups filled. 

There are five Human Design types.

The first type is a Manifestor and they’re about 8% of the population.  Manifestor’s role in humanity is to initiate, to get things started and generally are moving faster than most other people.  They will know they are on the right track and in their creative flow when they experience peace. 

Their strategy for decision making is to just try it and see what happens (kinda like throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks). Along the way, they need to inform people so that they experience more ease and flow, this strategy will also minimize other people getting mad at them.

If you love a Manifestor:  Give them space to be creative, inform them about what is coming next, don’t take their anger personally, let them sleep alone, let them lie down in bed before they are tired and give them more freedom than you think they need.

The next type is a Generator, which makes up about 37% of the population. Generators are here to find what they love to do, to find the work they could do all day or the energetic contribution that brings them joy. A Generator, unlike the Manifestor, isn’t going to initiate, that’s not how they’re going to have success.  They actually need to respond to things that come from outside of their mind….so DO NOT just have an idea and then take action if you’re a Generator because it might not turn out how you hoped.  Once the idea drops into a Generators awareness they need wait and then feel out their gut response.  It could be a Facebook post, an article, a newspaper clipping, a mailer, a suggestion by someone else and they’re going to respond with the sounds uh huh or uh uh.  It sounds weird I know, but these guttural sounds really can help Generators find the clarity they desire.

If you love a Generator: Give them things to respond to (ask them yes/no questions), help them find the activities they really enjoy, don’t ask open ended questions and get mad when they don’t know how to respond and make sure they get to burnout their energy every day doing what they love.

The next type is a Manifesting Generator, and like Generators need to find their passion and figure out how to use their powerful energy in the world. Their energy operates a little bit faster than a Generator, but they still need to respond in the same way.  Once they get their guts answer they will need to inform the other people who will be impacted.  They are similar to Manifestor’s in that they  have the energy to start a conversation with a stranger.  The Manifesting Generator sacral response will likely be whatever sound comes out of their mouth first.

If you love a Manifesting Generator:  Give them things to respond to (ask them yes/no questions), inform them about what is coming up, help them find the activities they really enjoy and don’t get mad when they quit, don’t ask open ended questions and get mad when they don’t know how to respond and make sure they get to burnout their energy every day doing what they love.

Next, we have Projectors.  They are here to guide and direct others, but only once they have been invited. They need to find the people that value their gifts, and that invite them into opportunities where they can be a leader and demonstrate their knowledge.  Projectors typically have been studying and training their whole life just waiting for someone to see their gifts so they can be of service.

Their strategy is waiting for invitations and while they are waiting it’s important for them to have fun, experience joy, and stay in renewing feeling states while they’re waiting so that the right invitations come through.

If you love a Projector:  Invite them to be with you, invite them to do fun things, give them verbal recognition of their gifts, if you notice bitterness tell them, let them sleep alone, let them lie down in bed before they are tired and help them see what invitations are available to them.

The final type is a Reflector, who make up less than 1% of the population. They are cosmic mirrors and are reflecting back the health of the community which they’re in. If you are a Reflector, and something doesn’t feel right, it’s not you-it’s your environment. Notice how you feel around certain people and in certain places. Regarding decision making, Reflectors need wait 28 days before making a really big decision. And during that time they need to surround themselves with people they feel good around to bounce ideas, talk about their feelings, what are you thinking about, you know what the direction is.

If you love a Reflector:  Give them time to make big decisions, be a sounding board when they have a decision to make, give them time by themselves, find out where they feel good and take them there, let them sleep alone and lie down in bed before they are tired, and if they are unhappy help them figure out what environment is not healthy for them.

Each type is a beautiful piece of the puzzle of humanity. And every type is needed on this planet for us to be whole and for us to really heal. But that will only happen when we are all living out the highest expression of our unique designs….receiving the love we truly deserve.


  • Jennifer Bronsnick, MSW, LCSW

    Integrative Therapist & Anxiety Treatment Specialist

    Jennifer Bronsnick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Anxiety Treatment Specialist.  She supports women and teen girls who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt & perfectionism tap into their innate resilience, get to the root of their fears and implement custom healing strategies so that they can experience peace of mind, more self-confidence and be liberated from the suffering that living with anxiety causes.

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