What are you? A human doing or a human being?

A human doing is the actions we take in our exterior world.

A human being is the one who is connected to the inner self.

We are both!

The biggest challenge is to connect to our inner being. We have been conditioned to only connect with our outside world and not our inner. And trust me our inner is soooooo powerful!!

How do we connect to our inner self? Be Quiet. Be Calm. Meditation is huge! When you meditate ask for help. Be humble and grateful and when you receive a message, it is there to assist you on your path.

When we get lost in our human being, things have a tendency of going in the wrong direction. We decide how we want things to turn out and when. That’s our ego talking.

When things go smoothly, but at times not always easily, and they Feel right and it’s like a compass that excites us to not stop until the thing that is within us is created in our human realm.

Be patient. Be kind. Be compassionate. Look at the positive perspectives.

“Positive emotions form the side of the stream that carries one to fortune.” Napoleon Hill

Andrea Biedermann