A journey implies traversing terrains, but pictures can also travel with time, transforming us to an imagined future and a distant past. Over the past many years, magnum and aperture photographers have shown how good photography can move across time, space, geography, and both imagined and real lives. Photography is more of an art and an acquired skill that takes several years of practice to experience different places and people. Photographs speak themselves and showcase different emotions too. So, it will be an injustice to give a particular definition to photography because only a real photographer can elucidate this art and its skills.

So, we bring you the best artistic photographer – Hunter Cohen. Hunter Cohen is a professional photographer and cinematographer based in Los Angeles, California, who started his journey at the age of just 14. He does not only take pictures but also films commercials and aces several other of video projects.

Videos and pictures are the universal languages of this era, and they need a lot of dedication and passion for learning this art. Hunter, with his artistic skills and passion, possessed to be a professional photographer. He always focuses on capturing the masterpiece clicks and does his work passionately with full attention. Hunter started his career at the age of 12, learning how to DJ. After two years in this field, at the age of 14, he was handed a camera and asked if he wants to give a try to covering a wedding video. Hunter eagerly said yes and then never put his camera down afterward.

So, his career started with shooting weddings, shooting videos to then corporate videos, and much more.  Hunter also did several side odd jobs to support and feed his art career. Therefore, he worked in different workshops. His hard work and continuous devotion paid off, and now he is filming multiple corporate videos, shooting ads, music videos and also working as an editor in different media agencies. After spending four years in this industry, Hunter sees himself contenting to be a more and more successful photographer and cinematographer in the future.

Hunter has got some unique personality quirks such as great imagination skills, flexibility, a sharp eye for quick analyzing details, patience, and of course, a great photography passion in his blood. His passion has allowed him to get into his ideal career that he has always wanted to join since childhood. Just like other successful people, Hunter also faced some difficulties and backlash for joining this field as a profession, but as a firm believer, he always knew how to deal with it in order to succeed in his desired profession.

Talking about his early life and family, Hunter grew up in Voorhees, New Jersey, with his parents and one older brother. Since his childhood, he was always interested in exploring cameras and how do they work. In addition, he was fascinated to capture nature and everything else in the world, either imagined or unimagined. This was the reason that led him to get handed a professional camera at the age of 14.

Hunter Cohen worked as a professional photographer in the wedding industry for two years. But he always wanted to do something on his own and was passionate about giving his all imaginations and creatives a life. Therefore, he decided to start his own media company.

Currently, Hunter works and lives in California (his dream homeland) and is involved in different creative and collaborative projects. He believes that photography is never-ending learning process and experience. Every single shoot and every single day make you learn something new that you never knew before; therefore, he wants to get more into the music and entertainment industry to become better at his craft with every passing day!


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