Mourad Sebky

Abu Dhabi-based serial entrepreneur Mourad Sebky’s life has been an adventurous journey so far. He loves to showcase his lifestyle on social media with all the exotic things. “As a child, I always looked at the pictures of the expensive cars and today I am the owner of all of them. Turning a dream into reality is a completely different feeling”, said Mourad. He is just not running businesses but also making investments in the best businesses. He believes that an entrepreneur very well knows where to invest money.

“There is no timetable for success, and hustlers understand this. They are willing to work hard, from morning to night, until they reach their goal. If you set out to accomplish something with a pre-determined time frame in which you believe you should finish, it can set you up for epic disappointment and ultimately failure.” Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for success to come – they go out and make things happen. Hustling can help you become a better entrepreneur as it helps you manage your time properly and take your own initiatives. By improving your hustle, you can take your business to the next level says Mourad.

When someone is described as a “hustler” what exactly does that mean? It’s become a word that’s synonymous with entrepreneur or freelancer. Someone who is always working on their “side hustle”.  Hustling teaches you the importance of determination despite failures and roadblocks. A successful entrepreneur understands that failure, rejection, or negative feedback are not signs of stopping, but signs to keep moving forward and persevering.

To hustle means to identify your primary aim in business or life and to take relentless action toward those desires. In order to be a hustler, one must be a master observer who picks up on opportunities that others might miss or take for granted.  “What really sets hustlers apart is their level of focus. You have to eat, sleep and breathe whatever it is that you are focused on accomplishing. Whether that’s building the next successful mobile app or increasing your sales revenue from the previous month. Everyone has responsibilities outside of work, but those that remain laser-focused around the clock will always find a way to accomplish what they set out to get done he said.

If you’re ready to become an entrepreneur, there are things you can do to accelerate your success and avoid mistakes that most inexperienced entrepreneurs make. Mourad Sebky’s top recommendation is to seek the counsel of those who are already successfully doing what you want to do. You have to make progress every day, regardless if big or small. I am a strong believer that consistency and determination would equate to success. It is important to keep your motivation up and never burn out quickly. In order to keep your momentum going and the feeling of accomplishment, you need to make progress on at least one thing every single day.

Mourad says, in the world of business, being a hustler is now an industry standard. If you are unable to hustle this does not mean you will fail, but you will likely not excel. “Success” can be highly subjective and it is for this reason that hustling is perceived in contrasting lights, what one calls ambitious another may call greedy. The ambition to excel and motivation to put in the work and generate the innovation needed to stand out is what makes an entrepreneur that hustles stand out from a regular one. This is how the landscape of business has evolved and how those doing business must proceed to reach their next level. Be a hustler!