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Oh how I wish I had a magic wand over 20 years ago when insomnia first reared its ugly head in my life. I joke with my clients now, that hypnosis isn’t like a magic wand, but I certainly do understand how much I would have loved to have found that is was. Hypnosis for insomnia to sleep well might not be a magic wand, but it sure does work!

Whether your sleep issues are recent, due to the pandemic and all of 2020’s chaos, or you have been struggling with it for years, like my client Eve, you are not alone! Hypnosis for insomnia can help!

From mid-February to mid-March last year, prescriptions for sleep medication rose 14.1%. During the same time period, prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications rose 34.1%, according to Express Scripts. That was almost a year ago and I would imagine that sleep troubles have only gotten worse.

My own battle with insomnia years ago is what led me to research holistic approaches to calm stress and anxiety – which is directly tied to sleep troubles.

Improve Sleep Quality

As I tell all my clients with sleep issues, insomnia doesn’t start when your head hits the pillow.  It starts with how you wake up in the morning. I shared this story with my client Alison recently: years ago I asked a client who came to me for help with his sleep issues to play his alarm that he woke up to. Turned out it was a battleship warning sound! He literally was shocking his system the second he woke up. Alison didn’t play me hers, but said she needed to change it. The next week she reported better sleep! A gentle start to the day sets the foundation for the entire day and healthy sleep.

After starting the day in this better way, it is crucial to experience short moments of calm many times an hour. I used to say many times a day, but with the levels of stress and anxiety due to the continuing pandemic, it really does need to be many times an hour. When we are offloading our stress and anxiety on a regular basis we are much more likely to experience healthy sleep.

My struggle with insomnia

Insomnia is torture. When I experienced it many years ago, I did what most people do and went to the doctor to get a prescription. It was during that visit that I learned I had been struggling with anxiety my entire life and didn’t know it!  The medications worked – for a short time. And then it stopped! Everything spiraled out of control and got worse. That’s when I started researching holistic and all natural ways to calm stress and anxiety. I include 35 of these simple techniques in my book “Goodbye Anxiety, Hello Freedom.

By practicing these techniques on a regular basis, we can lower our stress levels and get a good night’s sleep. There are sleep hypnosis apps and they may help you, but I’ve found that a “one-size-fits-all” approach usually is not helpful.

I shared with my client Eve this week, that right before we drift off to sleep, we are in a state identical to hypnosis. It’s called the hypnogogic state and we can use that time period to program in suggestions for a good night’s sleep. She likes to take baths with Epsom salts and she mentioned how well her cats sleep. I suggested she imagine soaking in a nice warm tub and give herself the suggestion that she could drift off to a nice gentle sleep, sleeping just like her cat. Try using that hypnagogic state to program suggestions for a better night’s sleep for you and see what happens!

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