I am what I decide to be...

What I decided to be.
It took me decades.

I started with a clear goal: to be wise.
I knew -in a very direct way, like when you know that the morning is cold-that life is in itself the school through which you can master wisdom, and that wisdom is not about being informed, although information is an essential tool for its development.

Information is knowing where you are and what time it is. These coordinates can be expressed in multiple ways, depending of the value’s range in which you choose to make your measurements.

For example:The time could be “Friday, April 5, 2019, 9:07 am”, or it could be ‘now”. You could be at “37.8964920, -122.0825800 (according to Google Maps)”, or at “home”.

Even though these expressions refer to the same objective reality, those different assigned names appeal to diverse positions of your subjectivity,
if you understand me…

Which one is more “real”?