One of the greatest lessons I learnt from my pet (Savvy) was “I am happy to see you”. Whenever she saw me, she would act as if she saw me for the first time and jump and dance around me and make excited barking sound. I always thought ” she just saw me and what has changed in the last 30 minutes that she is so excited to see me again” WHY?

Now when I reflect on it, I realize she was just being excited at seeing me alive, seeing me be there and seeing me move. Sometimes it is easy to forget and not enjoy the small little things in life, like living, breathing, meeting people and being able to share conversation with people. Living every moment as if it is new and exciting and treating every person as if they were the most important in your life.

Savvy is no more, lost her 10 years ago but never fail to reflect on the two most important things I learnt from her – Stay in the moment (be present) and treat every human as an equal.