It is legit to feel angry. There is no harm to it. As human beings, we have been awarded the feeling by the Almighty God. Happy, sad, angry, stress, heart-broken and many more. 

Feeling angry is not wrong. It shows that your body and mind are well functions.

I feel angry and I want to let it out to someone.  “I wanted this rage to fall into the specific person until I feel satisfied” – this is what we feel when the feeling comes to “visit”. That is why, we must know how to control our anger, be the rage but at the same time, mindfulness about the feeling.

What is making you angry actually?

Sometimes, when too much pressure exerts on your mind, little mistakes also can make you feeling rage. 

During this lockdown period, you have been forced to stay at home. Can’t execute a normal routine, socialize and been forced to create a “new normal” routine. It makes you stress. Then your partner, children or housemate make a little mistake that sparks anger inside you. 

You have a problem at work or your colleague is making your life harder than before. You become angry but you just dwell the feeling inside you.

You like someone but you cannot say it, because you don’t have the courage to confess. You scared that it will hurt you and that person. You become angry towards yourself.

And many more situations that will spark the rage. 

1. Understand your anger

Be mindful of everything including your anger.

First of all, confess all the feelings to a piece of paper, a notebook. (Don’t write on your diary because you will feel stupid after you re-read after 5 years)

Avoid confessing to people, because you’ll end up getting a solution.

You just want to understand the feeling better and know what makes you feel angry.

2. Find a solution for the problem

Sometimes the problem that makes you angry cannot be solved. It may be an attitude problem or overthinking problem. Managing people and feeling, toughest job.

You just need to let it go. Take sometimes to cry, ease your heart. Then forget.

Or you can do this technique.

Breathing – Shallow breathe. Inhale a deep breath and exhale slowly. Imagine that angry feeling goes out along with the breath. Repeat until you become calm.

Exercise – For me, running is the best remedy when I feel angry, stress or looking for motivation. It allows me not to feel angry because you can’t run a marathon when you feel rage. It forces you to think about the pace, breathing, and rhythm that will make you continue to run and run.

It’s hard to let it go the angry feeling when you start to feel it. Don’t hate the feeling because it’s given by the Almighty God. As a Muslim, pray. 

In conclusion, it’s not the feeling that you should learn it, but how to take care is more important. Put yourself in a calm situation whenever you feel angry.


  • Nik Muhd Aliff

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