Why you need to invest like me in this one type of gift that will keep on giving

I decided to kick in this Giving Tuesday with the first gift of the season to the one person who has never left the boat, which has always been there with me in the latest hours.

If we are realistic, in this infamous year of 2020, the holiday season came with a whole new spin: the “UN” words that hover around threatening — I name the terrible two: uncertainty and unemployment and their team of “Lessies”: Less income, less gathering, less budget.

Nevertheless, I decided to spend 1.5x times my rent for a gift, being certain with zero doubt that it will generate more and will be worth more, and here’s how.

While I was writing my thanks and gratitude note this morning of Thanksgiving, I jumped thinking about the fact that I should maybe take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get THE present while on a budget to make the most out of the intention and the gesture. I had to play it cautiously through my expenses, but I couldn’t help but analyze and rationalize that at the same time, a person that is my best team player was my leading resource for having an income and was essential to my growth. The wheel has come full circle. I had a real gift that keeps on giving, a relentless reliable resource.

It was a real Human Resource, an endless and inexhaustible asset of dedication, efforts, loyalty, a lot of understanding, and mostly presence even through this year with the fluctuation in incomes. I will lie if I say it is also that that person never complained or has always been the biggest supporter. Still, the fact is: it was also the last one to leave, and although there was always a questioning of everything and being the biggest critic, it still allowed the work to progress and lead to more growth.

Imagine the smooth talk of telling someone, “This is the year I have nothing to offer you but you. It’s you the real gift!” while thinking at the same time, “can you be more you and what makes you great so I can be happier, tackle the uncertainty and ensure a great life?”. Well, according to the facts and the trends are it’s precisely what everyone wants this year:

In more familiar terms, it’s what is now known as self-improvement and personal development. Either it’s related to personal growth, side hustle, skills and career, spirituality or exercise, or simply motivation, the personal improvement industry faces increasing demand. It is estimated to be worth 11Billions in the US and is expected to keep growing at an average of 5,5% each year! (Marketdata Enterprises Research).

As mentions Marketresearch.com, “More of us are willing to pay good money for “personal coaching” and hand-holding.”

During this uncertain year, the trend seems to be more confirmed. According to USAToday, the 5th most popular thing people purchased during the pandemic are masterclasses! Individuals are seeking this year to be better, master new skills, and grow more. Yes, people want to be more of themselves and what makes them great.

This year, with a shift in the workplace and self-isolation, individuals seek to sharpen their skills and ensure more financial independence and growth. Mindsets are shifting; wishlists are turning, the mentality is moving toward more inner growth and harmony.

So, either you are a person or a company, if you know a gifted person, think about this holiday season as a time to offer a gift that keeps on giving for real. Switch that sweater for a cooking class, replace those candles and jewelry by a Skillshare membership, Side hustle program or an Entrepreneur masterclass.

There used to be a time when people would have been happy to be delivered and gifted the fish; now, it’s a new era when individuals would rather learn how to fish and their way with their proper skills.

The real gift this year is within each one, and we want to unpack what’s wrapped within and open ourselves, and let the real sparkles of lights shine through.

Oh, and by the way, that that person mentioned above is me. I just got myself into an accelerated training program. Not only It’s a gift that will worth more than my 1.5x time rent as I will sharpen my knowledge and cement how to master my skills, but it will allow the person that made the program to also keep making a living of what they are good at and what makes them great. Did I mention also that it’s a course on how to write more and get published?