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This definition from Michael Neill about Confidence in the Impacting Leaders Executive Coaching course that I am completing, has been very impacting: “CONFIDENCE is the opposite of self-consciousness” – Michael Neill

My beautiful friend Lara Khalaf and I, my co-creator business partner for Women 5.0 and great explorer of Consciousness with me, have been wanting to re-define Confidence for a while.

In our coaching, many people, specially women, believe they have to be confident.

We were feeling that there was much more into it, that maybe people are following a trend of being more confident and that the way it has been defined, mainly by the media and the empowerment industry, is not supporting them but instead giving them more stress and overwhelm, another thing to become, another thing to develop…

Yesterday I shared with Lara Michael´s definition about Confidence. At the beginning she didn´t buy in. But as we explored together and she asked me questions to go deep into what I felt this definition below meant, we arrived together at the following realisation:

“The more you elevate your Consciousness, the more you become more of the Love within you, the less Confidence matters.”

As we raise in Consciousness, restoring the Greatness that we already are but that we have forgotten, things like Confidence not only become natural, they disappear in the world of Thought as one Thought.

We realised that Confidence, and everything else for that matters, is just a Thought, a Concept made up… and that beyond Thought there is no need for that. That Beingness requires nothing because it is everything and that being confident or not, depends on the choice of the Thought we entertain.

In order to arrive to the point where confidence does not matter, how do you increase your self-love quota? How do you include more Love in your life?


GRATITUDE opens the doors of the Heart.

If you want to include more Love in your life, more appreciation, you must start with Gratitude. Everything starts with Gratitude.

Feeling grateful for who you are, for what you have, for what you have achieved… this feeling will open your heart and mind to new ways of prosperity. I learnt from my other friend and business partner for Women 5.0, Lynda Cormier that: “Gratitude and Appreciation are the doorway to Prosperity.” Prosperity in the sense of abundance of all things that bring you Joy”.

Don´t you feel that Happiness is overrated? We speak about Happiness as something we would obtain from outside. Most people expect to be happy when they achieve something… I will be happy when I get this job… when I get this man… when… but noone has told them that this happiness has its days counted, that this way of feeling happiness is not sustainable. The way our minds work is by creating another wish as soon as one wish is fulfilled, therefore accomplishing the dream of having this new house for example will be short lived by a new desire the moment the new house becomes your normal.

We are wired for happiness and wellbeing and we must to find these inside, not outside of us. Inner happiness starts with you and in order to start feeling this inner happiness, the easiest is to start with gratitude and appreciation.

Start a journal today, jot down 5 things you feel grateful for on a daily basis, every morning or every evening, or both if you feel strong enough.

And see your life changing as you feel more appreciation into a more peaceful and beautiful life.

Appreciation for all the things you have and are becomes Love. Love for yourself is the beginning of the path to more love and prosperity in your life and the life of those around you.

Let us know, what are you grateful for today?

Video: Gratitude, the Doorway to Prosperity


…LOVE… LOVE is the answer to everything.

Excellence is the absence of questioning why you do what you do.

You do what you do because you know what you do, because what you do is an expression of who you are.

There are no more thinking on confidence, fear, doubt… these concepts become irrelevant in the Pure Presence of that which you are: LOVE.

Video: Love is the Answer to Everything


Love loves regardless of the object of its attention.

Love does not see colour, opinions, differences when loving.

Love is inclusive and collaborative by nature.

Love does not limit its power in front of what we call darkness and all its shades of dark.

Love does not choose, love just loves.

If there is an ´IF´, then it´s not love, it´s something else… love does not love with conditions.

If there is a ´WHEN´, it´s not love, it´s something different… love loves regardless.

As soon as we conceptualise LOVE, it losses it´s meaning because Love cannot be measure, it cannot be contained, it cannot be explained.

If you are feeling you are loving too much or that sometimes you are too kind, then you are not loving at all because LOVE loves for no reason, there is no reason for love, Love just loves… Love is…

Video: Can you be Too Kind?


The power of your heart is in the quality of your love.

The silent whispers of your soul will match the Peaceful nudging of your dreams. For the voice of the Heart is quite and calm.

It often gets confused with the loud, constant chatter of the ego, which gets clever when it is seen and evolves in intelligence as your consciousness grows, inviting you to develop more advanced tools for catching up its lies of the virtual reality it creates, making it seem real with more sophistication as you evolve in consciousness.

The more aware you become, the more awareness is required towards the tricks of the mind, that learns to appear real and wise.

Be careful of the callings of this clever ego pretending to be love when in fact it is vanity, false self-love, false integrity, fake authenticity.

Learn to discern the voice of your ego from the whispers of the soul always and observe at the rate this ego voice evolves with you and how it awakens with you.

Ego will always be a part of you. Love it as much as you love your silence. It is in loving the ego that this gets quiet and don´t know how to respond. Love is always the answer and the tools that makes the ego quiet with its absolute presence.

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