I inspire them to trust their INTUITION

Intuition sounds tricky doesn’t it? Yet actually it’s a straight forward, honest and freedom inducing tool that gets you where you intend to go.

I love how this word came up in a mastermind group this week, leading me to explore it further with my coach and other people to hear each interpretation or perception of this word.

One definition found through an internet search says this:

in·tu·i·tion a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

There are a number of definitions on the internet, and every person I asked has a slightly different perception, making intuition even more fascinating. I could go into all of the variations, but what’s truly key here is how you learn to tap into your own and let it work for you. Some may call it magic, I call it your super power.

Once you decide to listen to your intuition or as I sometimes say, listen to your gut, you learn it is spot on over 90% of the time. The trick is trusting it and going with what it’s telling you.

Some examples that came up this week for me and others: choosing something as simple was what to order from a menu, which puppy or kitten to pick at the shelter, deciding on which job, career or company to go with, dating choices and so many more.

What happens when we listen for that inner soulful voice? Something makes sense, there’s an inner knowing, the answer is clear. And when we choose based on this ‘knowing’ we feel a sense of freedom, we don’t need to analyze, overanalyze, research any further, we can make our decision and move on with confidence and clarity.

So with all this said, why don’t we always follow what our gut is telling us? As unique individuals, there are a number of reasons, such as lack of trust, past events, inability to act on our feelings, unwillingness to feel our emotions, fear.

The work we do together is designed to help you discover your limits and reason, understand it and clear it out of the way for you. This progress will allow you to feel comfortable in your space of ‘knowing’ and take a chance on trusting yourself. You know what choices to make, you only need to learn to rely on your own trustworthy instincts

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photo by Helena Lopes