Many IG influencers swim in a sea of double-taps and popularity. However, only a tiny number of them add any value to the lives of their followers, while also paving a path for other influencers to follow. One such IG celebrity who is taking social media by storm is Rafi Kouyoumjian.

Artistic Designer at the renowned Beauty Spot Salon in Abu Dhabi, Kouyoumjian is an accomplished hairdresser. Not only is he one of the best and fastest hair designers in the whole of UAE, but he is also an IG celebrity with thousands of followers engaging with him every day.

“I’ve always considered hair styling an art. With over 15 years of experience in the field, I try to share my knowledge with kids who aspire to become one of the greats. I share makeovers, haircuts, and other hair styling techniques on IG for young ladies and stylists to stay up-to-date with the latest trends,” Kouyoumjian shares.

Kouyoumjian is known for his professional techniques as well as his endearing personality. People travel every corner of the globe to Abu Dhabi to keep their appointments with Kouyoumjian. “I’ve created a legacy here. I have customers from across the world who travel thousands of miles so that I can do my magic on their hair. There’s a reason why I believe that I lead, and others follow,” Kouyoumjian said.

Kouyumjian’s IG feed is full of hundreds of new and exciting hairdos that will make you want to book the next ticket to Abu Dhabi to get a makeover. Ranging from amazing hairstyles, expert highlights to elegant haircuts—his IG account is an impressive catalog of his life’s work. His customers call him a magician when it comes to hair woes, and his love for the art shows on every single IG update he posts.


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