While I was busy catching up with my office and mundane life before Corona came in, I often felt the need of taking a long break. I use to daydream for scenarios wherein I would find myself doing nothing. Just be still and calm either at my home or somewhere far off in the Himalayas. All these dreams were like an ocean with still waves, impossible yet fascinating. Anybody who comes up my way, I would be preaching high on these notes.

“I want a break.”

“I want to go away from here.”

“The work doesn’t interest me anymore.”

“Will I be able to run off someday?”

Fast forward to life now when Corona has spread widely and now more than a need to be home is the necessity to be inside.

I was lucky enough to travel before corona could make the governments impose lockdown and reached my home. For so long I have been wanting to visit my home, and stay with parents. Finally, I feel so happy the day I realized it has to be here for the next few months.

Initial days were so full of life, catching moments with my younger sister, helping mom in her daily chores. It felt as if I am the luckiest person on the planet, to have spent time with the family again. For all those who don’t know me, I would say I miss being at home so much. I initially struggled a lot to stay away. But as they say, life somehow brings you at being peaceful with it, I also fell for it. Today I juggle between staying in hostels to a friend’s house and managing my work life too.

As the days went by, I started feeling stressed out and sleep-deprived. To this day I was in a notion of “Home! I won’t be struggling through sleep and stress.” To my disappointment, this isn’t the case. I’m home and still stressed. I suffered from severe headaches and sleepless nights. I wasn’t able to judge myself being in this. I came in running here not to feel the same as my work city. But how is it possible to have suffered here too? I pondered through days and nights to find a still place to hold my negative thoughts from falling.

Was this break really a journey towards seeking the ultimate truth of my conscience?

Up until a day, I found the real reason behind my quirkiness.

To be at peace, to be calm and still, to be free from thoughts crushing your mind, you have to first win the treaty between your thoughts and mind. Winning doesn’t mean you excel over the reigns of mind but it indicates the leveling of patience you hold within over the thoughts that brainstorm you with the constant juggling mind.

Somehow now I could relate to philosophical quotes and most authentic speakers, about how you can be still and yet doing so many things. I use to always wonder how can I be at rest when there’s so much going in and around me? The thought of being in harmony with the surroundings would scare me down to goosebumps. The so strong and mighty emotion discoursing the negative outcomes of the present situation never let me pacify. 

During the lockdown and the post corona era we are going to enter, I learned this skill. The skill of having you control the thought process and re-organizing them with your current pace is a lifetime learning.

I learned how patience can always be the key to my problems. 

I learned how staying focused on a goal and not getting carried away helps in improving your productivity. 

I learned how routines could be promoting healthy habits no matter how mundane they sound. 

If that’s what you have been struggling through, I can help you like I help myself.

Surroundings, situations, and time can never favor us by molding itself to our greater good, but if we could learn how to perceive them for stirring in positivity, we are better off than those who never started! 

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