late talkers success stories

I think 2021 is my year of restoration, joy and tranquil.

I say this because of my three year old son. He is a late talker and I have struggled so much to get him talking. But this year, it seems he is surprising me day after day.

Sometimes back, I was so worried about him. I even took him for autism assessment during the pandemic because I was scared stiff.

During the lockdown, all we would do was wake up late, take breakfast, watch TV, play a little and go back to bed. It was the dreariest of days.

It affected everyone in the family.

Yes we loved been together most of the time but too much of something is indeed posinous.

The boy was not having time to spend with kids of his age. He would not connect with his age mates.

There was no church to be attended.

We also had to drop our daily routine of walking him to the shopping centre where I would get him a pack of French fries and juice.

It was just time at home.

Now this year, we took him for preschool.

And three weeks in, I can surely record lots of improvement in his social interactions and relations with people.

The other day when I got home from work, he ran to me, hugged me and asked whether I wanted to have a cup of tea. When I responded in the affirmative, he walked to the kitchen and came back with a cup.

He clearly wanted to serve me. It was so sweet that it melted my heart.

As I plan my resolutions for this year, the main one is spending more time with him. I want to have as many rituals with him as possible since I want this to be one of the late talkers success stories.