Written By Julie Anne Hart

Easing and edging out fear, doubt, and anxiety 

In a world that has so many demands, expectations and requirements can you really maintain a positive healthy outlook? Fear is a false evidence appearing real, it is a myth of your mind. Doubt, self-diminishment, worry, and anxiety are all part of the fear family. 

A past mentor of mine once told me there are 2 things you can do when experiencing this kind of dis-ease. 

Fear = face everything and recover  

Fear = Fake everything and run off 

I believe there is another way. That way is to RETURN to a spiritual way of living and being.

In a modern world maybe, you learnt to disassociate with your spiritual power and an infinite divine power that aids, supports, guides and most of all delivers to you all that you need for your highest good. The one question I have been asked this week is how would I work with fear-based energies? 

Having been someone who has suffered and created a lot of fear particularly around my business and being more in my potential. My life experiences of losing both my parents and children growing up, life’s up’s and downs all formed an anxiety that had a profound effect on my health and well-being. I could not face certain daily jobs, simply things like opening the mail or paying bills, checking my bank account became too much to cope with. The more I suffered the anxiety the more I cut out the rest of the world.

Until one magic moment in meditation when I was given the first step to follow, of what I would describe as a sacred path of spiritual principles. “See through the eyes of source” is to move your perception to know that there is a divine power, a higher intelligence, a force that works everything out for you, when you ask for guidance and when you are prepared to move your perception to see that you are divinely provided for. A place where the outcome and solution is spiritually presented to you. 

This level of spiritual awareness and development can in time be the medicine to end the dis-ease you are feeling regardless of what you are currently experiencing. You will have to make a commitment to a sacred way of being, seeing and knowing. If you are prepared to persist with your commitment to see through the eyes of source you will receive the transformation that is a definite divine intervention.  

Here is some of the Divine guidance I received. I hope it helps:

1.     Consider the wisdom.

2.     Integrate the knowledge into your awareness.

3.     Make a commitment to See through the eyes of Source.

4.     Reassure yourself that everything is divinely working out for you.

5.     Meditate daily with daily repetition of the affirmation below.

Step 1.  See through the eyes of Source.

You are an extremely powerful being. Coming into harmony with yourself. 

Channelled guidance 

The common goal is to love and to be loved. The common goal is to be happy and free.  The common goal is to share and support and help each other, so you can be the light and the love and the catalyst for change, changing the planet for those that follow and sharing the wisdom from those that have gone before you. 

We would like you to reflect now, on the first feeling that you had this morning when you woke.  We ask you to recall this.

As we see you, we see you in all that you are.  There is no lack because we see every situation and everything that you have ever been through from a place of pure love and positivity.  We see no problem and we see no crisis.  We know that everything is working out beautifully.  

We do not hold the concept of worry or doubt or fear.  We are not hung up on anything because love is the energy of which you are.  It is our request today that you begin the process to connect more in a spiritual way.  

So, we call to you right now to recall your first feeling.  What did you see this morning around you?  How did you feel?  How do you feel about yourself and your life right now?  

Everything is working out beautifully for you.  Beautifully.  

We wish for you to begin to think this.  We wish for you to know this because this is the truth.  It is how it is.  We see only beauty.  We know that every circumstance or situation, when you are connected to the raw spiritual essence of who you are, is working out for you.  It is a difficult concept for humans to come to terms with.  You think you do, but you do not.  For your humanness presents a challenge for you. That challenge is with the self.

It is to face the self that you are here for.  We can assist you with all the love and all you will ever need.  For to come into balance with the self in harmony and in love and in understanding, requires your strength, courage, commitment and your dedication to bring yourself to walk the earth through the eyes of Source.  For when you are not in harmony with the way we perceive, it is difficult for us to assist.  

We ask you to imagine a life now free of pain, free of suffering, free of worry and free of doubt and full of beauty and trust and love regardless of any situation.

Freedom is the first reward of your sacred path and is the greatest reward you can ever receive. Happiness without attachment to anything enhances your freedom.  You have no idea the power you deny yourself the access to.  There is so much to appreciate. You are always guided and protected when you choose to see through the eyes of Source.


I see through the eyes of Source. I know everything is working out for me. Today I choose to drop any fear, doubt or anxiety. I see through the eyes of Source. I surrender and let go. I now allow myself to receive from an infinite source of love. I say “yes” to all that life is giving and gracing to me.

Taken from the Discovery course RETURN sacred steps for advanced living and leadership