Callum is an Irish entrepreneur, author, brand strategist and business consultant. He is considered by many to be one of the top gurus in the marketing space today. Callum Roche has a background in e-commerce and scaled multiple, million dollar stores.

1. Learn To Discipline Your Disappointments

Failure is inevitable and is an important building block for success. Early on in my career, I was able to get ahead of others just simply due to the fact that I didn’t waste time pointing blame or feeling sorry for myself when things went wrong. Difficulty is opportunity hidden in disguise.

2. Act With The Other Persons Interest In Mind

This is going to sound blunt, but people don’t care about what you can do… They only care about what you can do for them. Most people on the internet nowadays spend too much time talking about themselves and tooting their own horn, only making things harder on themselves.

3. Helping Others Will Help Yourself

Contributing to your community is the fastest way to get your brand, product or service out there. Don’t be the person who talks the talk but never backs it up. Get out there and help people by actually helping them.

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