Srikar Karra
 is an entrepreneur, content creator, brand strategist, public speaker and author. He is considered a prolific digital brand-builder for individuals and companies by several media networks. Srikar Karra has a background in social media management and has built a combined network of over 1 million followers across all platforms.

1. You Will Fail

Failure is bound to happen. If you fail, pick yourself back up and keep going. The key thing here is to learn from your failures and improve constantly. If you give up, only then is it considered a true failure.

2. Things Will Get Tough

It is not always going to be easy. Building one business is hard enough, building multiple can seem impossible. But make sure to remember why you started and use that as a drive to push yourself further. You never know when success will land upon you, so keep an open mind and keep hustling.

3. Keep the Big Picture in Mind

A lot of times, we get so caught up in the minute details that we forget our overall vision. What exactly is is that you wish to accomplish from your business? Whether it’s impacting people’s lives or supporting your family’s wellbeing, make sure you don’t forget your inner vision. Once you have it mapped out, the small things will fall into place.

If you would like to learn more or get in touch with me, you can reach me directly at my Instagram (@srikarkarra).