When I meet new people, I’m always curious to know what they wanted to be when they were kids.

I’m genuinely eager to hear the stories behind their dreams, and if they actually managed to become who they perceived they wanted to become… and why.

When we are kids, we don’t care if the broom stick is a real horse or not. We use it in a way that matches our purpose, and we experience the beauty of such perfection!

And then, we get older.

We are told how to think, how to behave, what is right or wrong, and how to stay out of troubles.

As for me, when I was young, I used to “save” ALL the animals I could find! Pretty much every week, I would come back home with a cat, a frog, an injured bird, a spider, or a Collie who “apparently” needed a new home!

I would spend hours in the forest behind my home building camps, eating blueberries and having wonderful conversations with the different animals who would cross my path!

To my mother’s despair, I would feed leftovers of lasagna to stray cats right in the middle of the kitchen, and fill my pockets with bread crumbs!

I used to save ALL the animals I could find!

BUT, I wasn’t raised in a home where being “different” or “sensitive” was allowed.

I HAD to make sure that I would not “tarnished” the name of my family with my “weird” ideas, my sensitivity – aka intuition – and my strong connection to animals.

So to make sure I would be loved and accepted by my tribe, I consciously and unconsciously agreed to their rules.

I added a few university degrees to my collection, got a boring well paid job, and did whatever I could to match what was expected from me.

Thirty something years later, I finally realized that “pretending” was not for me anymore!

I needed the real stuff.

My soul had been calling me for quite some time, and I finally listened.

So I quit!

I left behind what felt heavy: the “only good in theory” relationship and friendships, the illusion of security, and everything else that drained my energy.

I became less “physical”, and more “consciousness”.

I decided to embrace the super intuitive that I was, and I realized my childhood vision to be Dr. Dolittle – aka an Animal Communicator.

I continued to develop my intuitive and mediumship abilities, did a certification in Life Coaching, became a Reiki Master-Teacher, and a life long learner in the fields of neuro-plasticity, quantum physics, and psychology. I made Eckhart Tolle, Micheal Singer, Brené Brown, Byron Katie, and many mores my “friends”!

I started sharing what I knew and who I was, and soon realized that many people wanted my guidance and help.

I had finally found a mission that was bigger than me.

When I made the shift, I didn’t realize at the time that I had combined the four key elements of a fulfilling life:

  • what I was passionate about
  • what I was good at
  • the connection I felt to the world, and
  • the things I wanted to change and improve in some way.

While it may seem as I took a great detour to get “there”, I know that I had to become all the other things before I could find myself.

I had to experience that which I didn’t want to be, before I could be sure of who I truly was.

Now, not only do I get to really talk with animals, I also use my knowledge and intuition to help and empower others, and I have the privilege to accompany other souls in their own quest towards a fulfilling life.


We didn’t come into this life to live someone’s else life.

This is our chance to embody and live a life that is worth living.

And know that it’s never too late to do so. After all, you have been preparing your whole life for this!

Can you feel your soul’s calling? What was your passion when you were a kid?