It takes years, even decades to achieve some goals or success. The lucky few have the funds of their family or friends, or doors opened because of their family. The majority of people who are successful or become overnight sensations have climbed every mountain, jumped through hoops, and even come close to quitting not once but multiple times.

Success comes from hard work, if it doesn’t, it can quickly fall away as the brain or human nature puts less value on things that come too easy. It’s easier to lose if you haven’t worked hard for it.

If only your reach was greater

My marketing person shared this statement with me regarding why I would not have access to them to finish a project I paid for for a few days.

“I’ve been on a 3-day online event with my close friend Mark Porteous. Meeting and connecting with so many amazing leaders in the consciousness and coaching industry. These are the kinds of events you’ll enjoy being at as you grow your network and reach.”

This made me very angry at first. Anger either eats away at us or turns into passion or a catalyst. Why, if you are my marketing person, was I not invited?

He never asked me what summits I am invited to be on in the coming months.  

Question – do I keep this marketing person or not?

Please be on our board, you are the real deal!

A company that offered to sponsor me and put me on their board has not delivered due to what everyone is saying – “COVID-19”. 

Truth always comes out if you wait long enough.

I had a health company reach out to me on LinkedIn. They want to partner with me because I am the content creator and the leader in fascia and concussion treatment for those that don’t heal in the first four weeks.

Working with the demographic that heals on their own with or without treatment with the first 4 weeks,  makes everyone look like a rock star.

My path is to always support those who are often dismissed or have fallen through the cracks. They seek me out as that is the lane in which I excel.


I take the time to listen, investigate, and find a solution. Other practitioners do the same treatment for a soft tissue injury or vertigo for concussion. For the 20 percent that approach fails. This leaves the injured person devastated because they were promised change and spent thousands. If a treatment does not create some change within 5 treatments, it is not going to. It does not take months to see any relief.

Be on our board

Back to the company that reached out on LinkedIn. I had to organize a Zoom meeting, followed through, and learned that my “sponsored company” had invited this company on the board that very week, regardless of COVID.

I of course reach out to my “sponsoring company” and asked why. Her response was that her company has 750 students, and I didn’t yet. The interesting thing is the “sponsor company” never asked me about the number of students I have, and didn’t realize I have an entirely new customer that they have never reached out to sell their product to. So basically, when you are famous, we will support you. It’s like a bank lending money to those that don’t need it.

I make the marketing person and the sponsor company money; I find their approach to be bad business.

Should I continue with them?

“Adversity causes some men to break and others to break records”. William Arthur Ward

It is natural to want support from the businesses that you make money for. All relationships need to have a positive and energetic flow back and forth.

For a Charles Poliquin memorial, I was asked to share what I thought were the two most important qualities in being a coach. I gave 3.




Without honesty, relationships fail.

Without integrity, your word is worth nothing.

Without authentic information, your creativity will end.

When my company has a bigger reach on social media, people will support me and help me fill my classes. So far, I have done this myself. Having real followers on social media vs. buying them, that is not easy to do. My growth has been slower, but I have stayed authentic.

Taking your busines to the next level takes time, planning, and team building.

Reach out to those that want to support you. Keep doing this until your find the ones that do it because they share your vision and want to be part of the journey before you are “famous”.

The journey is a lot more interesting and often more adventurous than the destination. It is also the time for building relationships for those who truly know your story and struggle. These people are the ones you will have close when you are “famous”.

 We are very powerful beings, just by yourself or with the right team.

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