In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, maintaining a healthy habit and a smart lifestyle is way too tough. It is no secret that this pandemic has brought some new challenges for the entire family. Being at home leads to less social interaction and more procrastination, which isn’t productive at all. This not only degrades your health but also have a disastrously negative impact on your wellbeing, mentally and physically. Ian Mausner points out the importance of building and inculcating few but best healthy habits for the entire family. It is time to grab the opportunity of spare time and to devote more to physical, mental, spiritual as well as emotional wellbeing.

Ian Mausner Suggests Healthy Habits to Inculcate During COVID-19 Pandemic

A 20-second hand wash: 

This goes without saying! A proper 20 second wash with soap and water reduces the chance of falling ill, thus reducing the risk of getting affected by any virus. As soon as you reach home after a visit outside, ensure this habit is maintained and practiced regularly. 

Eat Enough

Make sure you introduce your family with a proper nutritious meal plan. Do not tend to skip any meals especially breakfast, which is the king of the meals. Your body requires a wholesome of energy to start your day, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Eat enough vegetables, fruits, and have a balanced mix of carbohydrates, fiber, most importantly protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Be Active & Get Moving

Besides washing hands and having a balanced diet, keeping oneself active and physically fit is the key to healthy living. Make a family time and choose to do exercise together, this will create great bonding, enrich your mood, reduce anxiety, overcome boredom, plus improve quality of life too. Exercise holds the potential to remove stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, and with proper physical activity, you will see your life getting back on track. 

Healthy Habits Should Be Followed Naturally

Ian Mausner describes that healthy habits should be followed wholeheartedly. Until and unless you don’t realize breaking the bad habits and coming out of the comfort shell. You won’t be able to put in the dedication to following a healthy lifestyle. 

The daily hustle of our chaotic life didn’t leave us a lot of time to cherish what we had. Over the past few months, we did gain a lot of mental space, and we’re quite full, so much so that it has led us into a dilemma of how to utilize it. 

The mind and the body have an intricate connection to each other which needs to be equally balanced to live a healthy life. If you are being forced to follow a healthy regime, you won’t be able to give your hundred percent to it. 


Coming out of the comfort zone and following a healthy lifestyle can be too challenging. However, a little effort now can provide you great results later. Don’t let the virus keep you away from doing things that you love. Practice, don’t give up, and follow the habits to endeavor a healthy, happy living.