Ian Mausner

Educational institutions are trying their best to provide their students with the courses on the digital platform. However, it is becoming difficult for students to stay connected with their classmates and keep track of events. According to Ian Mausner, the regular interaction with class fellows helps in taking care of mental health. Also, it engages the individual in productive activities. However, the worldwide pandemic has changed the scenario.

The new normal that has come into being has created unimaginable havoc in the lives of individuals. In this scenario, the students are no exception. Hence, they strive to discover new ways of connecting with their school community with the social distancing norms.

How to connect with your classmates during Covid-19?

As stated earlier, for establishing a connection with your class-fellows, people now turn to the digital platform. No more face to face meetings is allowed. Hence, you must take a look at the following points in reasonable detail.

Reap use of the social media platform: it comes without saying that the social media platform helps students rediscover their power. Since they are not getting the opportunity to meet their friends physically, interacting with them on the visual platform will help you deal with loneliness. These days, classroom lessons get conducted on the digital platform. Also, institutions organize on-campus events on the digital platform. According to Ian Mausner, students must follow the rules and regulations for virtual interactions to keep track of all the events.

Follow the student media outlet: The school provides individuals with a student media outlet in school journals, which keeps track of the school activities and recent happenings. According to Ian Mausner, It is a resource, which students may use time again. These journals come on a weekly or monthly basis. Also, it covers the areas in which the students have missed out.

Use new student groups: it is challenging to stay connected with old friends and groups in the pandemic. In this scenario, joining a new group may be an alternative. Forming new groups on the social media platform has now become the trend of the day. It helps students to take care of their craving to connect with individuals.

Apart from this, starting group chats with school friends and making use of other applications is essential. It may help you to deal with your isolation and loneliness. Keep in mind that social connectedness is vital for mental wellbeing. These days new applications are coming, which helps individuals to connect via a digital platform. Educational institutions are trying their level best to provide their students with regular class lessons online.

Only the digital outlet has come as a rescuer for both the teacher and the student. Also, students are using old contacts and creating new groups for information and pleasure to learn and relax. Apart from these groups students can also create fun groups to relax and hobby groups to connect with likeminded people.