Bending Reality

it’s time for Reality Transurfing

Are you a Spiritual Seeker wanting all the benefits of being spiritual, ie. bliss, love, peace, joy, harmony, manifestations…and yet your outside world is showing the exact opposite? Yeah, me too. Then I discovered a missing link.

As part of my Doctor of Divinity training, I studied Universal Laws through quantum physics and Metaphysical training. I believed I had the Law of Attraction down! Yes, I healed myself from a diagnosis of cancer. I manifested amazing opportunities. I could manifest dragonflies! Then, the manifestations were hit and miss or they just completely stopped. I found myself asking questions like — why does this always happen to me? Why do I attract angry people? Why don’t I ever have enough money? Why can’t I…?

I’m a closet researcher and I love to study quantum physics theories and apply them to my life in order to live in harmony with these Universal Laws. Those of us who’ve been on this journey are familiar with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, otherwise known as the Law of Attraction.

Reality Transurfing found me! I’m an interpreter translator and I’m always on the lookout for translated material and I discovered the work of Vadim Zeland, a Russian Quantum Physicist. All 765 pages of his book, Reality Transurfing Steps I-V had been translated from Russian to English.

Most excellent find! However, I should warn you, it is not an easy read. If you can understand the model being presented, you discover how you are your own cause and effect. You are the image and the projection. The genie and the bottle. It’s not only freeing, if you understand and can apply the theories, you can control the game!

I saw clearly why the Law of Attraction stopped working! Or rather, how I wasn’t in alignment with it and how the other universal laws worked against me. I began to apply the theories laid out in this book, including becoming aware of pendulums. The chapter on the theory of pendulums blew my mind and completely changed my world. It confirmed what I’ve intuitively known, that these entities are only out for your energy, nothing more. And they are hungry! Once I understood how I was triggering these balancing forces, I began to become crystal clear on what I wanted and learned to only focus on the end result.

My Mind wanted to know exactly what the plan was. The Mind is no friend to me on my Heartfelt Awakening journey. I gave no importance to what I wanted one way or the other. Becoming aware of what I gave importance to was a huge shift for me. As suggested, I began to create backup plans. This has become one of my favorite techniques from Vadim’s book.

It’s amazing what options open up when you have a backup plan. Even the intention of having a backup plan helps prevent balancing forces from being triggered and manifesting the opposite of what you want.

My best takeaways from this book are not only having a clearer understanding of the Law of Attraction, but having a better understanding of the Law of Balance, and how not to trigger the pendulums or tip the scales and wake up balancing forces which can manifest the opposite of what I want. And I appreciated a more in depth understanding of the power of focus, awareness and attention and how these are our most precious gifts.

Most eye opening is discovering the main reason why the law of attraction might not work for some and exposes the missing link! Just one theory, the theory of “importance”, has created profound effects in my own practice and with the work I do with clients. Anything I give my attention to with importance can send me down a path I don’t want by activating these balancing forces. This shift alone has changed everything! I’ve incorporated the theories in the work I do with clients, and the results have been not only life changing, but life saving.

If you haven’t heard of Reality Transurfing by now, you are in for a treat!