I just realized…I am not alone. It is a good feeling to know that others around me are in the same head space. I am guessing many of you reading this are in this mindset as well, so I am here to tell you, “You are not alone!”

I just got back from giving a keynote; it was a great group, helped by the fact that my husband was a member in attendance. But what that meant was that my kids were without both parents.

I have just started getting comfortable with the idea of traveling for work, now that my kids are a little older (and know how to FaceTime). What I realized that made me feel better is that many of my friends are getting the itch now that their kids are in school. Moms who have been working without getting paid are now ready to receive that paycheck again.

What strikes me when I chat with moms ready to reenter the workforce is their mindset. I talk a lot about the mind games people play — and I have to say, too many moms are playing the game. “Sorry!” They are apologizing for being out of the workforce. They are feeling unqualified, not up on the latest, and generally – dare I say it – intimidated by the prospect.

Big shock, I have a few thoughts here:

1. You have nothing to apologize for. You did nothing wrong and everything right.

2. You have been working. Motherhood and management leverage a lot of the same skills!

3. Skilling up will increase your confidence. There are loads of programs to help.

Get out of your head and into action! It’s time to get current, get connected and get confident. The workforce is waiting for you.