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The details matter.

When you’re a pro at what you do, or you’re aiming to be one, the details are often the difference between you and those who are above or below you; everyone has skill and resources.

Thing is, only those on the inside know about the details of what you’re doing.

The fans and customers either don’t care about or could not understand the details of your work, even if you explained it.

All that most people will remember about you is how things turned out; i.e. your results. And they probably won’t know the full scope of that, either.

They’ll only know you by the “summary” of your situation; the highlights that summarize you or what parts matter to them.

Some basketball players don’t know or care that I’ve written books. Some of my readers have never seen me play basketball.

All your hard work and attention to detail that made your results possible? All the tricks, hard work, and explanations of HOW it happened? Those get buried in the sand.

Only the geeks care about the details or about the entirety of your existence — compared to the numbers of the masses, the geeks are few and far between.

So, the bottom line: just get it done (you decide what the “it” is).

Whether you got it done or not is all that will be remembered (or not remembered) about you anyway.

If you have to lie, cheat and steal to make it happen, do it — just make sure no one finds out (or that they can’t prove it) and you’ll forever be a hero. A success.

This is how it works.

Don’t hate the players. Hate the game.

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