There is never a better way to depict your progress more effectively than how you deal with challenge.

When involved in a situation that didn’t provide a desired outcome, we must ask ourselves why.

  • What could I have done differently to change the outcome?
  • How could I have handled myself better in the situation?
  • Did I offer my thoughts in a positive manner to be received as such?
  • If not, how could I have worded my thoughts to better articulate myself to invoke a more positive outcome?

We aren’t able to change another person’s perception of a situation, and more often than not, we are unaware of their internal circumstance. That said, its safest to err on the side of caution in handling any situation; even in intimate connections. External dynamics tend to hold relevance in mind space, even if irrelevant to the current conversation/situation.

Recently, a conversation was had within our family regarding the importance of how we speak to one another and others. Its important to remember that tone, emotion and volume play a major role in how others receive your message, as well as how they react. Choose your words wisely, and how you want the other person to feel once they are received. Intention to verbally hurt anyone is never an answer; try conveying your message with a pure heart to ease any message into receiving mode. Be aware of your intention and be sure to only speak how you would want to be spoken to.

As I teach others that thoughts become reality and how to train the mind to create positivity from all situations, it is very evident that one can not be taught if they allow ego to decide their thoughts for them.

Collectively, we have the mindpower to change the world – to create peace, love, understanding, compassion and positivity just by how we handle ourselves, yet we can not make anyone do anything they are not able to comprehend in their current state.

Allow yourself to find a learning experience in every opportunity; a lesson to grow on and pass forward given any chance; and to remain in the positive state that you envision for yourself and the future.