Talk of Jack of all trades. A healthcare professional who transitioned to online entrepreneurship and now uses her knowledge to help others grow. Ifeoma Okonta, also known as Iffy Love, believes people can achieve anything with faith, the right mindset, and the correct information. She aims to empower individuals, organizations, and the world to achieve their highest potential while making a difference in their communities.

Ifeoma Okonta’s Background

After graduating from nursing school, Ifeoma reached a point where she knew there was more out there for her. After fighting her calling, going back and forth within herself, she gathered the confidence and went into entrepreneurship. Ifeoma currently manages  and invests in numerous businesses and uses social media to grow her brands, while helping others do the same.

Getting Into Business Coaching

Ifeoma became a business coach out of a discovered talent. She is entrepreneurial and had many products and services to sell and offer. After her failures and successes, she started having friends, family, and strangers to ask her to start and grow their brands. She was then encouraged to make it a source of income. She currently partners with committed clients and organizations to create results-driven strategies to help them achieve short- and long-term goals online.

Ifeoma has struggled with labels believing that she doesn’t fit into them. She is passionate about many things besides business and marketing. Ifeoma takes joy and passion in giving back to the community, talking entertainment, and creating content.


To balance her work and businesses, she creates time for herself and the ones she cares about. Her faith in God also allows her to have a good balance in life. She is all about living life to the fullest and ultimately making the world a better place. She finds joy in seeing people succeed through her help and will continue to empower entrepreneurs and leaders.  Follow her on Instagram @iffyalove x @bigbagba or visit her most notable websites, &

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