Igor Kononenko also known as Ihor Vitaliyovych Kononenko

31 December 2020.

Many have been waiting a long time for this day – the end of this tumultuous year.

For some the journey has felt much much longer than a year.

Many unfortunately didn’t make it to this day – felled by the horrible virus.

There have been incredible unprecedented challenges whether they be health or financial. The mental health of people has been tested like never before.

For those laid off, it just wasn’t having about making ends meet but dealing with what it does to your self-worth. For those who live alone, people could have gone months without any actual face to face contact.

Hopefully today closes the book on this year and tomorrow starts a new chapter – a chapter of hope.

May 2021 be a much better year in every way to every one around the world. Here’s to 12 months time when we look back on 2021 on being truly a wonderful year in every single way.