Almost everyone I know has the same fear when they quit drinking.

Fear of not being fun anymore. 

I had the same fear. 

My identity was wrapped up in being a party girl. A class clown. A drinker. 

I had never met anyone sober and I certainly would never want to hang out with anyone that didn’t drink. 

There was once women at work that didn’t drink much.

“Why???” , I would ask her. 

I literally could not fathom why someone wouldn’t drink as much as they could,

 as often as they could, like me.

“I just don’t really like the way it makes me feel. I’ll maybe have one glass of wine at Christmas, but that’s it.”

I would think, are you freaking kidding me??? 

What do you do for fun? 


How boring. 

We would never be friends, outside of work. 

If she didn’t drink we obviously had nothing in common. 

All I did was drink and I surrounded myself with drinkers. 

Now that I am Sober Sally over here, I have a whole new perspective. 

Being sober is so much more fun than drinking ever was. 

I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me. 

I would have never believed this, unless it happened to me. 

Here is the honest truth. 

It has been the best surprise of my life. 

I never expected this. 

I thought I would have to live the rest of my life sad and deprived, wishing I could drink. 

Because when I was drinking, it was the only way I could feel good. 

Now I don’t need a drink to feel good. 

I just wake up feeling good every freaking day. 

I have done so many more things sober, that I could have never done drinking. 

For one thing, drinking was all about drinking. 

Getting sober has given me the desire and confidence to try new things. 

I have attended more events, concerts, fitness excursions, sporting events, Broadway shows, botanic gardens, boat outings, and more now that I am sober. 

A few highlights that honestly would have never happened if I was still boozing are: 

I traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa.

I was basically on stage with The Lumineers.

Completed the Chicago Half Marathon.

I took an aerial yoga class.

Saw the Mayan Ruins, a wonder of the world.

Swam in a sacred Cenote.

Had lunch at, (the impossible to get into) World’s Largest Starbucks.

Wrote an article that went viral. 

Took my first Catamaran ride.

Did a Tezmazcal ceremony with a Shaman. 

Started my own business.

Spoke on stage to an audience of 100. 

Maybe travel, music, career endeavors, and wonders of the world aren’t your thing. 

I can promise you that your life will become infinitely more interesting, with whatever interests you,  if you ditch the drink. 

There is so much more to do and experience in this world than drink. 

Frankly, you can’t experience the best there is to offer when you are drunk or even buzzed. 

When you first decide to take a break from drinking, your drinking mind demands you to reconsider. 

It throws an absolute toddler temper tantrum and tries to lure you back into alcohol. 

My drinking brain said:

 “What about Paris? You can’t quit drinking because someday you will be at an outdoor cafe in Paris in the middle of the afternoon and you will need a glass of wine to enjoy it to the fullest.” 

Let me tell you what I know now about Paris. 

When I get there, I will have clarity and peace of mind.

I will have health and happiness. 

I will have the stamina to walk for days on end, soaking up all of it.

I will take a moment to be present with the art, culture, people. 

I will not have a nagging dependence on alcohol, taking up space in my brain. 

I will be able to fully engage with my surroundings, taste my food, and dance freely when I hear music. 

I do not need alcohol to dance. 

I only need music to dance. 

I do not need a drink to relax, let loose or feel good, in Paris, or anywhere. 

Being relaxed, comfortable with myself, and having a positive outlook is the way I wake up now. 

It’s not something I have to drink to achieve. 

My mental health and wellbeing have returned to a childlike state of freedom and play.

Feeling optimistic, hopeful and excited comes easily and naturally. 

When I get to Paris, I will not waste a day being hungover. 

I will not over imbibe and embarrass myself. 

I will not create a memory of shame. 

I will not black out.

I will hold my husband’s hand and eat all the croissants. 

I will kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower at night. 

I will treat my daughters’ to a cooking class. 

I will be moved to tears by the art. 

I will dance in the streets, as if I am on stage at Moulin Rouge. 

I will lay in a courtyard, after a picnic, and look at the sky. 

I will not feel one bit deprived or sad to turn down every glass of wine offered. 

Instead, I will feel so proud and grateful I don’t need it anymore. 

I will be at one with myself and my spirit, because I am no longer living a war within. 

So what about Paris, you say, drinking brain? 

That about Paris. 

Ditch the drink. You will never regret it. I can help. 

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