I’m living my dream, one I doubted possible for too many years. When I finally did create this life for myself, all I did was remove my old way of processing, and stepped over those imaginary obstacles.

I live less than a mile from the bluest sea, I work for myself every single day. Before the pandemic, I spent time on catamarans in the gulf with friends, I bike along stunning coastal trails. Some days I still pinch myself to see if it’s real.

Best of all, I coach extraordinary women to take back their power and listen to their gut, and to believe in their dreams. This is my joy.

It’s critical that we decide with intention what it is we want to create for ourselves. Whether you want to change cities, jobs, add more to your personal relationships or step into new adventures, all possibilities are in your future. When opportunities reveal themselves, it’s up to you to see them and allow yourself to bring it them to life.

Do you back away from believing you can change your life, and trust in your dreams? Maybe you secretly tell yourself stories to sabotage your progress. Or perhaps you’re working hard to meet another’s goals, or play people pleaser.

You can do challenging things. I have moved more than a few times across states to new cities and new adventures, not because I wasn’t afraid, but because I decided it was worth the risk. I always knew I did not want to wake up one day realizing I had lived in one place.

When I was 21, I packed up my little Volkswagen, sold everything else and moved across the country to Lake Tahoe, California with a friend from high school. Was it always easy, no, was it scary, some days, but what a ride, what a life experience!

Your brain processes whatever thoughts you fill it with, it’s time to stop processing yesterday’s doubts. You are your only limit. Adjust your mindset and shoot for living the life you want, stop living someone else’s dream and start trusting yourself.

I work with clients who have learned to open their hearts and minds to new choices and freedom. Many are ideas they never imagined. Now they are realizing and living the life they thought wasn’t possible. How do you want to feel every day, what do you want to look forward to when you get up in the morning?

This pandemic has revealed many truths for us, one is that life is precious and it’s yours. You choose how to spend it.

Photo by Guilherme Almeida