One of my biggest takeaways from the #Influencers2019 event a few months ago was something that Tom Bilyeu shared and that was “I’m not good enough…yet” 

Maybe you’re not there yet, or you’re not great yet, or you’re not at the level you desire yet; but things take time and experience to get there. It’s about recognizing what you’re willing to do to fill in that space between not good enough…and yet. Too often we want to skip over this part of the process; we succumb to the victim role and the fact that we aren’t good enough. Period. We forget about the “yet”. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for the process, the learning and the journey of it all. This is where we evolve and where we see what we are truly capable of; and when you embrace that, it feels fantastic. 

That’s not to say that the work isn’t hard; bridging that gap between “not good enough” and “yet” can be incredibly difficult. This is why so many people stop with the thought of not being good enough or capable enough – because they aren’t willing to do the work. This is why coaching, self-mastery and self-work is so important; because it allows you realize that it’s all hard. Choose where you want your hard to be. I’d rather do the hard work than sit back and have a hard existence because I’m not willing to do the hard work and move myself forward. 

That word YET is so important because that’s what gives you the opening to bring in more joy and more excitement into the process. What are you going to do for the yet?