Impact can have multiple meanings, depending on how the word is being used when communicating with others. Leaders must be clear and intentional about their word choices. Every word they say has an impact on others. Chose words wisely and the impact will be positive and meaningful to others.

Impact may mean how they serve others from their leadership role. How they impact and serve others is a reflection on their leadership style and more importantly, on their character. Leaders must be intentional about how they show up with others which then has an impact on them. 

People choose how they impact others with their actions and words. When they treat others with respect and dignity, they are sending them the message that they matter. By sharing with them those actions and words that positively impact them, leaders are accepting the impact that they have on their lives. 

When they speak to others in a dignified manner, they are not only modeling for them a leadership style, they are also showing them how to have a positive impact on others. There is a ripple effect to impact. 

The ripple effect of impact goes something like this, when they are living in their integrity they are capable of impacting others. As they impact others, they go on to impact others, and so on and so on. This means that the original ripple has now reached and stretched way beyond its original small circle. 

The ripples of impact that are shared with others serve everyone. As leaders serve others, they build a community that is more likely to support them, to cheer for them and to be there for them no matter what. Ripples are a great visual for seeing how far reaching impact can be with just one person at a time. 

When leaders impact and serve others, they are making their organizational culture and environment a better place to collaborate with others. Most everyone wants to be accepted and loved and respected and celebrated and when they allow themselves to impact others positively, they can achieve all of this and more. 

Leaders can find many ways to impact others, when they are present and pay attention. It is all about the ripple effect. As leaders reflect on their impact ripples, many thoughts and feelings will come to them. This reflective process is a mark of a proficient leader. Imagine the world positively impacted by supportive  actions and words.