We are in Hard-times. The time when too many things happen they exceed all expectations. Employees are living with uncertain times with pay cuts and others are Completely laid off or forced to resign from the jobs. The time when everyone is living with uncertain about their future and they are living with depression and anxiety no matter whether they are from a developed or developing country.

The Outbreak of Corona-virus(COVID-19), First Identified in Wuhan, capital of Hubei, China. Since these pandemics spread globally, the World health organization(WHO) taking its severe intensity, world commenced necessary action on war footing corona-virus to prevent the spread of (COVID-19) deadly virus. It is such a dangerous disease, Know that it has no medicinal cure. Many diseases in the world are treatable but not curable. Medical Scientists in the world believes that this disease also remains the same. As of 02.07.2020 more than 10,847,011 deadly corona-virus cases have been registered in the world with more than 519,888 deaths. USA records top Complaint cases 2,7816,085 with more than 130,813 deaths.

The effect of corona-virus is badly felt and Noticed in the most developed countries like the USA, Spain, Italy, and Germany, etc. Many developing countries in the world not only felt down due to deadly viruses but also due to the International recession.

Corona-virus had an impact on organizations in general, which as seen, not only salary cut-offs but also laying off its employees. The airlines, hotels, and restaurants shut their wings. some of the event organizations and other organizations estimated loss of millions.

Manufacturing places a very important role in any countries economy suffers due to clarity. The lock-down as putting great stress on supply chain commodities, Many countries in the world started to production only essential commodities, thereby stopping all other production. This lock-down restriction on many organizations, Commercial activities, and Public gathering directly impact on domestic growth.

The International labor organization (ILO) estimated a total of 40 crore unemployed employees are from the unorganized sector. The overall unemployment surged to 23 percentage and Urban areas standing 31 percentage.

Here are some tips I could share with you on how to cope with the situation.

1) Don’t panic! It’s easy to panic when everyone is living with uncertain times with salary cutoff and lay-offs. If you left the company or forced to resign from the job, don’t get panic and think about suicide. Think globally, try for the new job opportunities. For example, after I left my job in Germany, I move to the USA for a new gig.

2) Think benefits and Current situation Please look into your current balance sheet and P&L and different roots you can survive without any income. If you are getting benefits from the government due to virus try to get it and see for more benefits, if you qualify for unemployment benefits? if yes, this will help you to survive for some time without any income.

3) Try for work from home opportunities Due to the corona pandemic, many companies in the world are offering work from home opportunities. Get in contact with the company as soon as possible and get the work. This extra income also helps you some time.

4) Stop expenses If you’re traveling necessarily outside stop for time being this helps you save some amount. For example, I am traveling by bike for food or bringing some items for home use stop try to get it by walk or use cycle.

5) set a goal Set your goal, This will help you to achieve what you want.

6) Find the next job that will reach your goal Find the next job, check this job will help you to reach the goal and then proceed.