Coronavirus resulted in an unannounced pandemic with its ruthless ferocity. It imposed a sudden pause all over the globe with people struggling to survive with the given circumstances of being prone to this deadly virus by any means. A huge number of people suffered from this virus. 

With such unannounced chaos, the whole world came at a halt. Human resource management had to face a lot of challenges to streamline workforce and shift to complete remote set up. Technological advancement served as a blessing for HR functions as it abetted to communicate digitally and strategically plan and execute towards the growth of the organization.

HR software is one of them assisted in managing recruitments, onboarding, payroll processes, accounting and many more.

Let’s take a ride on how coronavirus or covid-19 has impacted the HR practices within such a short span of time:

Virtual onboarding

Adding job description online has been a mode for hiring new employees for ages now. The pandemic introduced a whole new transition to this modus operandi. The transition from in-person to virtual interviews on video conferences, documentation and verification on digital platforms has enhanced the pace of the procedures. 

Impact on orientation and onboarding was witnessed with new technologically advanced solutions like HRMS software. This engrossed a hassle-free transparent course of action.

Data protection

The HRMS software ensures a secure environment for categorically storing data related to the personal details of the employee, sensitive information of the organization, etc. 

To ensure security the HR team had to upgrade their skills and partially step into the IT teams shoes. Online training on portals on web-based solutions hammered the nail of miscommunication and secured a smooth run for HRM. The HR team assimilated to working with AI technologies to shortlist candidates and scale one compatible candidate.

Employee engagement 

The pandemic forced employees to work in complete isolation from remote locations. This increased the obligation to understand employees needs and state of mind. Crafty strategy to increase employee engagement proved to be an aid to escape isolation. Web-based application aided the HRM to engross all the employees at the same point. Such activities increase employees’ engagement and assists in maintaining a healthy environment. 

Management of employees’ well being

Coronavirus raised concerns for the HR team to keep a check on the employees’ health. HR software empowers the employee to numerous functions. This feature worked as a connecting agent between the HR team and the employees. The employee uploaded the travel history and medical information which assisted the HR team of the essential designates who had visited the office even during the lockdown, ensuring the safety of the whole team. For example, the employees of the pharmaceutical company had to work from the office as they were providing the essential products to fight the deadly virus.

Management of workflow

One of the major challenges faced during the lockdown was streamlining workflow as innumerable organizations had a complete shift to the remote working set up. This created chaos as it was an unannounced crisis. The HR department had to strategically plan to function. The HR software came as an aid as it assisted the HRs to manage the workflow by providing a secure platform to communicate with the end number of employees and the ESS portal assisted in tracking employees presence and efforts. The ESS portal empowered the employees to coordinate with their colleagues for better results.

Covid-19 consequences have hampered the economy globally. A great number of startups have shut down their business due to incurred losses. HR software has roofed many medium scale companies to function even during crises. Technological advancement enhanced the opportunities for increased productivity irrespective of being functioned remotely.