The most important asset of any company is not its machinery, its software, or its production line. No, the employees of a business are what makes it shine. A good team of workers can make or break your company, and it’s up to you to make the most out of them. A major facet of your business dealings should be dedicated to improving and training your people. Furthermore, you should invest time and effort into creating a healthier work environment.

Now, a healthier work environment means creating a setting in which people can do their work to the best of their abilities, with minimal stress and interference. It also means the environment itself is healthy – good air quality, hygienic set up, lots of plants and natural light… If you need further evidence on why creating a healthy work environment is important, read on and find out.

How to create a healthy work environment

There are two things you want to focus on here – physical health, and mental wellbeing. These two factors are key to developing a healthy work environment. You can achieve the former in a multitude of ways. First, hygienic is paramount. Keep the place clean at all times, keep your bathrooms stocked with hygiene supplies, and implement any additional hygienic measures that are relevant to your line of work.

Next, get as much natural light in there as you can. Sunlight has Vitamin D, which is necessary for your immune system to function properly. Finally, think about the actual ventilation at the office. The air quality is important, which is regulated by how your ventilation is set up, but also by any plants you may have at the office.

The second aspect of a healthy environment is emotional health. Keeping the work atmosphere positive is vital. A lack of stress, a sense of respect from managers towards employees, these all create a healthy work environment. An understanding that people can make a mistake and not be punished for them, that their voices will be heard and that their opinions will be respected is vital.

Better productivity

Let’s start with the most interesting and important benefit – increased productivity. It’s very fortunate that keeping your employees happy and healthy also directly leads to an increase in profits, productivity, and efficiency. This happens for two reasons. Firs, general health.

By keeping a healthy work environment, you keep your employees healthy as well. They will have more energy and endurance. You can expect them to think faster, to work more, and to feel less fatigue.

Next, an employee’s mental wellbeing. People will feel better, they will be more motivated to get their work done. They will have better morale, and may even have better creativity. A positive work environment means people will be more prepared to take on risks, which can give you amazing returns if they pan out.

Loyal, talented workers

A healthy, positive environment attracts top talent, and it keeps them there. Understand that if people know that they have a positive workplace waiting for them, with a beautiful office, and an understanding boss, they will absolutely flock to it. Things like having a boss you can trust, a boss that will support your creativity and input is golden. Furthermore, a company that has your back, that has a professional workplace lawyer to jump in when the going gets tough, that has managers that forgive mistakes, these things attract the crème of the crop. A healthy and positive work environment attracts the best you can find, and it also keeps them there.

Lower absenteeism

Another important benefit of a healthy work environment is a lower rate of absenteeism. Essentially, people will be healthier and happier, and they will miss out on work at a much lower rate due to illness. Think of it this way – investing in a healthy environment means you will have to give out fewer sick days to your people. So, you spend less money on sick leave, and don’t lose any of the productivity you otherwise would. One of the benefits of being an empathic boss or co-worker means that people are not afraid of being judged when they come to the office.

Furthermore, a positive atmosphere means that you will notice people getting to work on time more often. They will avoid being tardy. Many will even look forward to work. You can also expect that a happy and motivated employee will not start counting the seconds until he or she gets off of work. Instead, they may even (ever so slightly) extend their work time.


If you want to get the most out of your employees, and if you want to set up the best team you can, you should invest in your work environment. Make it healthy, keep hygiene levels up, and get some natural light and plant life in. Furthermore, a motivating and forgiving employer, providing you with the right back up, is a dream come true for any employee.