The introduction of social media in our lives has proved to be a most valuable revolution for mankind. The massive amount of 3.5 billion users worldwide is linked to each other by Internet. Presently, social media has evolved into the most robust ground in the world order. No matter what you intend is, you can achieve through it.

Since everything comes with two different aspects. In this article, we’ll share both negative and positive impacts that happen due to the usage of social media and how it is affecting our lives.

Positive Aspects


The social world has enabled us to communicate all around the globe in just a few seconds. It is way more convenient than traditional methods of communication. Now, the world has become a global village, as you can easily approach any individual or company while sitting in your bedroom. Relatives, friends, and business communities are now more closely to each other, no matter the distances among you.


A new world has been opened for a business perspective, and it completely alters the way marketing works. Unlike in the past, every business has similar opportunities for growth. Digital marketing is the latest yet powerful field having a strong influence across brand-promotion. Several people have raised their businesses to newer heights by capitalizing on the power of the social world.

Social Media avenues give you great opportunities to make your business even more lucrative by finding new customers. Here’s how you can do it. By building a positive image and increases its brand-strength through social media marketing, you can succeed in driving more sales.


Due to these gigantic sized stations, it creates massive job opportunities. Not only for job-seekers, but companies can also find and reach out to their required candidate through social advertising.  However, there are hundreds of platforms to find your ideal job, but LinkedIn always comes at first when it comes to finding the best job.

Within the marketing industry, social media is evolving as a powerful ground for merchandising your product. Presently, social media marketing is one of the high paying jobs across social networks. The most notable thing about it that you can work from home and earn a handsome amount of money.


Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and blog are good sources to learn something, whether it is a language or any concept. Apart from academics, several sites offer free and paid courses, from where you can acquire any skill.

Especially, during the lockdown situation due to pandemic, social apps has played a vital role in distant learning. Teachers can deliver their lectures by using these apps. However, the process of learning is disrupted a lot. But for much extent, it has minimized the loss, happen due to the closage of educational institutes.

Share your Live Moments:  

What else can be more satisfying than keeping yourself in touch with your loved ones by sharing your life moments? Whether you are getting engaged or graduate from college, everyone wants to celebrate this memorable moment with others. Since social media allow you to communicate with any person at any corner of the world. Now, there are no worries if your friend is residing in another corner of the world.

Negative Aspects:

  • Cyberbullying is prevailing across the social world, and it is becoming a miserable situation due to negative aspects of social media. It resulted in causing depression, hypertension, and other harmful effects on users.
  • Users are becoming addicted to these social apps. It can be more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, and unfortunately, many of us are already suffering from us. Even we cannot imagine life without social media. Some of the people are so conscious that they check their profiles an hour after an hour. Spending so much time on these social stations is decreasing productivity, as the work routine is disturbed.
  • One can fall a victim to an inferiority complex by not having access to anything that others do have.
  • Staying away from the practical world can result in a lack of one’s verbal communication skills. Especially the teens, couldn’t acquire practical competencies as they find it uninteresting to participate in practical works.
  • With the wide usage of the Internet, now, your privacy can be on a stake while using any social platform. Threats of getting hack are also increasing, and in that way, you can also face serious consequences.


No doubt, social avenues have minimized the distance and filled the gaps between people. But using it too much can inevitably lead you to face harmful effects. Now, it utterly depends upon a user itself that the way he is using it. Although, people in your surroundings or parents can play a major role to aid you in overcoming from its unpleasant results. But, it is worth considering; a user itself has to struggle to get rid of its negative uses.