Volunteering within your community does a lot more than you could ever begin to imagine. When you volunteer your time and efforts, you start a string of positive events that happen from the time you decide to help out, until long after you’ve done your part. Volunteerism not only helps so many people, organizations, and your community as a whole, but it also brings a significant amount of joy and happiness to ourselves and the people we are helping.

The impact of volunteering within your community stretches to an extensive range. Within our particular communities, there are often several nonprofit organizations looking for volunteers. What many people don’t always understand is the fact that nonprofits only employee a handful of people who get paid to work for that organization. Nonprofits rely heavily on the goodwill and volunteerism of others to help provide services to others who cannot do so themselves.

When you give your skills and time to volunteer, you spread joy and compassion throughout nonprofit organizations within your community. But, volunteerism takes many different forms. Volunteers are needed for disaster relief efforts, rescue shelters, National Parks, food pantries, Habitat for Humanity, libraries, museums, local theatres, political campaigns, YMCA, and much more.

Volunteerism not only brings about a positive impact on your community and the members within your community, but it also inspires happiness and joy in ourselves. When we take time out of our busy lives and schedules to offer it to people and organizations in need, we create a positive environment. Studies have shown that through community engagement and volunteerism, it promotes a much happier lifestyle for ourselves.

Becoming active and volunteering in your community does wonders for so many people around us, not to mention it’s good for your health! A great way to promote leadership development is also through community volunteerism and civic engagement. This would be a great way not only to get your employees involved in their communities and create a teamwork mentality, but can inspire others to do more and become more of an active leader within their community.

Next time you are looking for a way to give back to your community and create a happy environment for yourself and the people around you, try partnering with any of the nonprofits in your area. Chances are, most all of them will be so thankful to have more people helping out with their cause.

Originally published at DarrellMadding.org on April 2, 2019.