We all know that having a morning routine is very important and good for body and mind. It makes us more productive and will make sure you handle the rest of the day better. To get a more positive mindset and gain more self-confidence, it is an excellent thing to implement a 15-minute power moment.

Before I end my morning, routine and start working, I include this 15-minute power moment. This is a moment where you work on your self-boost, goals and think about what you are grateful for.

The things I answer to every morning:

1.    What are you grateful today?

2.    What are you thankful for (and this includes things you want to achieve but have not achieved yet! Like this, you prepare your brain for what you want. It has been proven that this helps you search for solutions for what you still need)

3.    What are your goals for today?

4.    Write some affirmations about yourself

Why is it important to be grateful?

Gratitude lets your positivity grow and increases your optimism. Gratitude is merely cultivating a genuine appreciation for what we already have, and being grateful for what you already have in life makes you feel more positive.

Be grateful for the small things also, not only for the big things such as a car or your house. Be grateful for how your day went yesterday, for the sales in the grocery shop, for how you woke up this morning. Think about those things, because that is also what makes you more positive about the smaller things in life.

Why is it important to be thankful for what you not yet have, but would like to have?

Because of what you set your mind, you work towards to, and your mind will find solutions on what you set your mind on, but not yet have achieved. Have you ever noticed that when you bought a yellow car, suddenly you see many yellow cars? That is because your mind is set on yellow cars. When you say thank you every day for your financial freedom, your mind will let you see solutions to get what you want, opportunities that will get you closer.

Hold yourself accountable

Write down every morning what your goals are for the rest of the day, what would you like to achieve today? What needs to get done today? Just a small summary of things you want to do today for sure.

End your morning routine with some great affirmations about yourself!

Affirmations are positive sentences that can help you to challenge and overcome self-blame and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes! I am amazing!

Fifteen minutes every morning before you start your day, finish your morning routine with 15-minute power moment! After a couple of days, you will already notice a small difference. You will feel more confident, positive, and happy!

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  • Stephanie Steggehuis

    NLP Mindset & Time Management Coach

    Just Know How Coaching

    Stephanie was born in The Netherlands and studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She worked for many years in the Event & Entertainment Industry with the biggest Venues, Festivals and Parties. Beside her experience there she has also worked many years in the corporate world for some big names such as eBay and worked in various positions in different companies from Manager, Director and Vice President.  Today she is certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Coach and has completed over 125 hours in training for coaching. She always is studying the human brain, psychology, and mindset, to keep understanding the human being a hundred percent to help her clients in the best way possible. The most significant changes start with understanding the brain!