Conserving energy seems to be the task for homeowners and business managers alike. Property managers may offer solutions or viable options, and the tax incentives are often significant. Aside from the obvious perks, many business owners want to incorporate renewable energy sources and other environmentally responsible processes to their daily activities. What are the most feasible ways to implement renewable energy into your business?

Start Small

Changing a company culture is never easy, especially when existing staff are cemented in their ways. But the first step towards undergoing a reorganization is to bring everyone on board. Implementing renewable energy is no different than any other company change. Small and seemingly insignificant changes plant a positive seed for upcoming changes. Start by implementing a recycling program and advertising statistics on the progress to all employees. The goal here is to get people thinking about the environment and what they can do to reduce carbon footprint. Encourage motion activated lighting, and remind users to turn off their computers and office lights at the end of each workday. Record this data to identify cost savings, which can be used to make a case for additional action in the future.

Make an Investment

When the time is right, the data recorded in the first phase can be used to build support for bigger projects. Renewable energy, solar panels, and other major investments require some time for research and development. The initial phases for encouraging such efforts have proven that these projects are worthwhile. Employees who support such advancements are an asset to the company and will not hinder or delay the progress, especially when they feel they were part of the process from incubation. The final phase is typically related to funding and garnering public support where applicable.

Funding an Upgrade

Any new proposition is bound to encounter the proverbial red tape. There are instances where even when a business owns the property or building, they are required to have multiple levels of approval for any new construction. Most renewable energy sources are going to require some sort of permit or permission from local authorities. Promote the planned changes in advance whenever possible, and create interest throughout the community. Explain the benefits of implementing renewable energy in a way that adds excitement and will encourage donors to help fund the project.