Dayton Kingery planting a carrot

Dayton Kingery, founder of BusyBodies365 on the importance of hobbies.
Dayton Kingery taking the bike for a spin

There are some who don’t see value in a hobby. They see it as a waste of time. Instead they’d rather be on their phone watching TikToks.

A hobby provides so much. Not just the enjoyment that comes from the act itself, but an outlet from the stresses of life.

Dayton Kingery jogging

Those who run enjoy not only what it provides for them physically but also mentally. There is significant therapeutic value in going for a run and being able to think about something while you’re on you way. You could start it in a bad place – grapping with an issue and unsure how to proceed and on the run you stumble across the solution.

Dayton Kingery gardening

Those who garden get the thrill of watching something grow. There is nothing like planting something, taking care of it and watching it thrive. It’s even more exciting if you plant fruits or vegetables and get to eat them.

If you sing or dance, there is the excitement that comes with performing in front of an audience. You may do it competitively and there’s the opportunity to win awards, trophies and ribbons.

Finally there is a whole community of people just like you. You have similar interests and it makes it easier to form friendships especially if you are shy and have difficulty in making new friends.

This is so much better than being bored – whiling the hours away with nothing to do or nothing to excite you.

What are your hobbies? What keeps you busy?