Now the entire world faces this remote workplace culture. But nobody knows the importance of human connection at working remotely. The new normal may sound convincing, but actually, it is not. It created a new trend in the working world by making people work from home. But the social interactions and the bond that has been shared between colleagues have been interrupted.  And many people have learned the importance of staying connected while working from home during the pandemic. 

Benefits of Social Interaction at Work

The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle once told us that “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.” 

You might be wondering why are positive interactions in the workplace so important? Creating a positive interaction can lighten your co-workers’ mood and make them feel happier, reflected in their work.  

1. Team Building 

One of the important benefits of social connection at work is team building. Social interaction will induce energy and trust in the workplace and help collaborate and create great outcomes. 

2. Minimizes Stress

Social interaction improves one’s mental health and minimizes stress. When an employee gets respected during a social interaction it induces happy endorphins in their body. And also social interaction negatively affects the person when they are treated with a lack of trust. 

3. Enhance Physical Health 

Research shows that people with interactive and supportive friends & family have better physical and mental health than those who don’t have social interaction.

How to Improve Connection in the Workplace

Research shows that employees who are working remotely will often feel isolated and disconnected from their workplace. It can lead to other issues in the workplace like lack of trust and communication break between colleagues. Most importantly the mental health of the remote workers gets affected. 

So it is necessary to know the importance of human connection at work. Suppose you are not aware of how to make social interaction with your coworkers. In that case, you can also refer to websites that offer various information regarding how to develop a human connection and various types of human connections. 

  • Don’t be too focused on functional tasks; prioritize other social interactions with zoom call meetings, collaborative tasks, and introducing new internal communication methods. 
  • Create an environment for people who are working remotely by conducting some monthly activity like entertainment trivia quiz or trivia games. In that way, all employees who work remotely can interact with the co-workers. 
  • Cultivate a habit of celebration for every occasion and recognition of every employee’s success. Allowing employees to celebrate in their own way will encourage them in social interactions.

Isolation and pandemic are the major factors that hinder social interaction. Knowing the importance of social interaction will help you from overcoming stress and other factors.