We humans are emotional. Life is bringing out in us the finest and the worst. And through the feelings, all that goes out. The best way to record these feelings is to take photographs. And it becomes pictures as quickly as the feelings are caught in a photograph. Some of our greatest experiences are actually from pictures.

Photographs create us pause and think on the times we’ve experienced before. They create us, all at the same moment, nostalgic and mental. Birthday parties, weddings, household Christmas, baby showers, anniversaries, natural disasters etc. whatever the event may have been, they are captured in all their beauty by pictures. They offer us a chance to evaluate how our life have altered or stayed the same. Through them, we can take a closer glance at our life because they push us to concentrate on a specific time.

A camera is often said to lie. That’s not correct, though. There once occurred every time caught by the camera. Otherwise, how did it capture it? But the fact that a camera can interpret doesn’t shy back from it. Composition, lighting, corners-it’s possible to interpret everything. But, therein resides the value and energy of art. It’s not precise, it’s genuine. A photograph can inspire some, change someone’s views, shake someone’s ideals, educate, and inspire others to act, etc. They may invoke natural species ‘ innermost emotions such as fear, anxiety, etc.

Not only do photographs affect personal lives. They can affect the public as well. The Vietnam War, for instance. The pictures carried home from the conflict significantly influenced the public opinion. In reality, the U.S. army even incorporated photojournalists into their fighting activities to photograph them.

Social media has improved the significance of photography even more in today’s modern world. Just consider Facebook’s example. Photo sharing is the most common activity there. And why not, why not? They are the most strong and exciting manner to communicate the emotions of one. They enable us to express something that might not have been feasible with words.

In fact, the importance of photographs in one’s life is so much that if people are asked what they would rescue from their burning house would most of the time be the photo album or digital images their answer.

Like nothing else, they attract our eyes. And, this way, let’s put it. Our mind becomes fickle with moment, and we begin to forget stuff. Pictures are the only manner we can register them. The best way to hold one’s thoughts and feelings was and will stay. In reality, they are one’s life’s precious possessions.

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