creative project

Every once in a while, people go through tough times. This is because changes are inevitable and we need to learn how to cope. Worldwide pandemic has brought upon us a number of changes – the way we do our work, the way we socialize, and go about our regular activities. Some of us are better at coping while others need to learn how to navigate these difficult times. Creativity and creative work are important because these help us overcome stress, reduce anxiety, and find inspiration. It was reported that just 45 minutes of creativity can reduce cortisol and reduce stress. This is a good enough reason to embrace the benefits of art therapy.

The creative project gives you the time to reflect

A creative project is usually done in stages. You need to come up with the idea, gather all you need to work on it to end up with a finished piece. Over the course of these actions, you’ll get a chance to spend some time on your own. During these times and creative sessions, you’ll also take time to reflect on those things that stress you out. You’ll understand yourself better and as a result, you’ll jumpstart the healing process and you’ll also build resilience. While you spend time with yourself, you can let your creativity flow and produce something you can later use.

It’s a way to exhale the negativity through the beauty of creation

Any kind of emotion you feel can be channeled into a creative project. It is believed that only positive emotions can jumpstart creative pursuits. However, negative emotions can fuel our creativity as well. Moreover, the creative process will help you exhale the negativity. Creative processes like painting, dancing, singing, writing can all be used to shed the negativity and reach a healthy state of mind. So, turn of the news, and dive straight into a creative project. Even if the end result is not exactly a masterpiece, you’ll still benefit greatly from the entire process.

Redirection of thoughts

When you shift your focus from a stressful situation like the current pandemic, you take your focus away from the thing that is bothering you. Creative projects like painting, sewing, woodwork, drawing will drive away your thoughts from a problem to something entirely different. 

Whether you’re an adult immersed in painting or a kid enjoying face painting for kids, these activities will redirect your focus and give you a break. Spending an hour a day on a creative project to just a few minutes will make you or your kids feel better. Always remember to redirect your thoughts to something creative that fills you with joy.

Creativity is a useful tool

Nurturing your creativity can result in perfecting your skills to cope with any kind of negative emotions. It is useful against stress because an hour spent on coloring for adults can divert your thoughts and calm you down. It also helps you improve your self-esteem by becoming skilled at playing an instrument, sewing, and other creative projects. You’ll improve your skills and feel good about yourself knowing that you’ve worked on yourself. 

Ultimately, your goal can be to create just for the sake of fun and a way to improve your wellbeing. If you are one of those people who think they aren’t creative, look for an area in life you feel passionate about. Your creativity lies in your passion, so find ways to express it. You can be creative on your own in your own time. On the other hand, you can both perfect your creative skills and expand your social circle by joining a class or a creative workshop.

Take small steps to integrate creativity into your routine

Your day will be more rewarding if you carve out time for a creative pursuit. You should use it to unwind after a hard day at work, redirect your thoughts, and banish the negativity out of your system. If you’re a morning person you can spend at least 30-minutes on unleashing your creative energy. In case you feel more alert in the evening, you can spend your time doing a creative project. This will help you unwind and set up a daily creative routine. Each evening you can spend a portion of your time focused on creating and feeling good about yourself. 

You don’t have to be a professional artist in order to be creative. Using art therapy to get you through a tough time is worth exploring.