If you are an avid content developer or social media marketer, then I am sure you definitely understand the feeling of seeing your followers touch that golden figure of a million. Over a decade ago, businesses were not all so dependent on social media following as it is now. Back then, social media was at its boon. However, today, it has established a virtual fortress around the world. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become a powerful tool which fuels different businesses.

As a business, your main agenda is to grow your leads and solidify your position as a brand in the market. And, social media is your way in. Believe it or not, more than 80% of the world on the Internet engage themselves with the Internet and each other through social media. If you want to see your brand thrive and survive, then you need to increase your number of following. After all, you need proper connections to sell your product/service and if that’s the case with you, then let us help you increase your prospect circle.

Let us help you understand how you can increase your social media following on different platforms (especially Twitter) once and for all.

Start with Mentioning Smaller Brands in Your Tweets

Twitter is a powerful platform for social sharing. It’s seldom that I find a particular brand worth an attention, but every time I do, I think it is worthy enough to mention it on my Twitter account. I do feel guilty for randomly saying that “I totally love this @brand and I believe it is worth giving it a try” but that’s certainly not the way you can bring new followers to your account. It’s just a way I get things done. Haha.

So, imagine you are going down the lane and you come across this amazing new ice-cream parlor which has just opened in your neighborhood. It must’ve crossed your mind to give their amazing flavors a try and hence, you walked into their small dingy looking store and tried your favorite strawberry cheesecake.

You weren’t expecting that it would be too damn good now, were you? So, I mentioned their small brand and tweeted their amazing flavor with a snap. Not only did the ice-cream parlor followed me back, but some of their followers also started following me.

Here’s what I want you all to do from now on. Every time, you visit a small brand and you find an exciting experience share it by mentioning the brand on your Twitter account. It will hardly take just a minute or so.

But, in return, you will create a good number of following.

Here are some other interesting Twitter practices which you can follow:

• Tweet content which you truly find engaging and informative.
• Keep following others so they can always follow you back.
• Tweet content in such a way that it actually gets seen by readers.
• Keep following others so they may follow you back.
• Keep promoting your Twitter account effectively.

Be More of an Informer Instead of a Me-Former

It’s often hard to judge whether you are an informer or a me-former! According to research conducted by Rutger University, only 20 percent of us are informers on social media. While the rest of the audience on social media loves to talk about themselves. The term “me-former” was first coined by the Rutger research team after analyzing the information collected from different social media platforms.

I am sure you must be wondering now how it all relates to increasing or decreasing your following! Does it really matter whether you are an informer or a me-former?

Well technically speaking, it does. According to Rutger research, informers get twice more following then me-formers. It represents that sharing information on social media regarding the world is a much better option, then sharing about yourself.

Here’s a great example of how you can avoid becoming a me-former on a social channel such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Me-former – They will post an image with a short caption posting it on social media titled, “Do you like this picture? If you are infatuated with (let’s say) swans, then feel free to visit my official website and have a go through the complete portfolio.”

Informer – They will publish a piece simply sharing “15 Great Anti-Spam Plugins which can keep your WordPress website secure”

Wear the Authority Image, Because You Deserve It

Don’t become the guy who is randomly posting tweets and images on different social media platform. A digital marketing agency research indicates that people who are gurus and mentors result in getting 100+ more followers on every publishing.

Become a Guru, even if it makes you feel like you are Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin or whoever holds the potential to become an ideal leader.

Have you ever wondered what such folks have in common, the type of people who walk in the same path as these leaders did? They all have fame. But, their fame didn’t come because they sat and tweeted or published a bunch of posts. They actually shared what they did in their lives and went viral with it. The act of doing is what set them apart.

Reporting authorities are always on the top. Even Hubspot data scientist Dan Zarella found this alarming reveal that self-proclaimed gurus and mentors have an average of 100+ more following then the average user on a social media platform such as Twitter.

Everybody Loves Special Offers

As a brand, you must be looking forward to getting some extra layer of followers on social media and guess what, you can actually get them with doing just one simple thing. Send out special offers that everyone would love to purchase.

According to Nielsen research, a study conducted for Twitter UK back in March revealed the top ten reasons why people love to follow a particular brand. And among these reasons, I found out some exorbitant mind flashing reveals:

• 55% follow because they like the brand.
• 52% follow for special offers or promotions.
• 51% follow to stay up to date with news from the brand.

So you see among the top then reasons, one of the most lavish point was none other but offered discounts. Followers love to become a part of your brand when they see a lot of promotions going on. If they are getting freebies and exclusive content (sneak-peak) then why wouldn’t they rush up to your brand and avail what you have to offer. The more discounts you offer, the more likely it increases the chance of your post to be viewed, over and over again. It’s all a matter of how good content marketing strategy is put in place.

So here’s all that what I think I wanted to share with you guys. I know we all love Twitter a lot so most of my discussion is focused on Twitter only. Or maybe it’s just me!

Anyways! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Until next time.