Self-care should be an integral part of lives but unfortunately, it is the most neglected one especially by students. Struggling in between college, part-time jobs, assignments, exams, and friends, they get hardly any time for themselves. It is quite common amongst student to ignore their health, sleeping and eating routines which don’t make a lot of difference at the moment but have diverse negative effects in the long run. It is understandable that they get hardly any time for themselves but ignoring oneself is not the right approach either. With a little bit of planning and scheduling, you can adopt simple self-care methods that would help you to stay active and will increase your productivity as well. These methods will not cost you anything or will require a lot of time instead they are simple lifestyle changes that will allow you to have better health, outlook, and performance.

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Have some alone time

Schedule your day in a way that you can have some alone time daily. It does not need to be hours long, but a few minutes daily will impact you positively. Assign the time that has least disturbance especially if you are living at the dorm. It can be early morning or late night or you can just go and sit in the park. Remember this is not the time for activities, this time should be spent reading or just sitting mindfully and concentrate on yourself only.

Do not let yourself to be sleep deprived

Being sleep deprived is the most harmful thing that the students are habitual of. It is more harmful than productive to stay awake whole night and studying or partying on the weekends. Instead of staying awake, fix a schedule that will allow you to have enough sleep according to your age and will increase your productivity as well. Start your day early to finish the work that keeps you awake at night and sleep on time.

Be mindful

Mindfulness is very important for healthy living. Sometimes we get stuck in the past or stay too much focus on the future ignoring the present happening that is most worthy of our attention. Living in the moment, and focusing on the present will help you get over your disturbing past and the current mindful acts will positively impact your future.

Keep your surroundings scented

This may seem a girly thing to do, but fragrances always keep you relaxed and offer an aura of opulence and relaxation. Make sure that you and your surroundings are clean and invest in fragrances. You can have perfume dispensers, scented candles or just air fresheners and you will start noticing a positive change in your mood.

Listen to podcasts

There are many podcasts available that are related to your field or will give you tips on healthy living. As these are regular transmissions, they help you to maintain the focus on yourself. These podcasts are a great way to spend your time when you are exercising.

Stay on your feet

Many UCLA students exercise daily on campus. From running the campus perimeter to attending yoga classes at the Wooden Center, there are many options to stay fit and for students to take pride in being healthy.

 Staying on your feet means that be active and make exercise an integral part of your life. It is very important for not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Exercising regularly will help you to relieve stress improving life quality.

Have activities outside your campus

Group of four young people walking and smiling outdoors in the city

Staying all day at the campus can be monotonous leaving you agitated. Have at least one activity outside that you can do once a week. Having a reason to leave campus once a week will allow you to interact with different people, improving your network and offering a different perspective of college life.