A poor company culture will negatively impact the productivity of your business, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a permanent situation. By instituting a few minor changes, you can boost the overall company culture and help improve morale. As a result, your employees will be more eager to come to work each day.

Express the Company’s Mission, Goals, and Methods

As new employees join the company, their onboarding process should include an introduction to the organization’s goals and mission. It will be easier for them to contribute when they fully understand the direction of the company. Additionally, by sharing the company’s mission in this way, each employee will feel valued as a team member.

Promote Greater Transparency

In the past, a lack of transparency was understandable in that it would have required dedicating a large chunk of time to informing employees of the latest company news. However, social media, mobile devices, instant messaging, and text messaging are just some of the tools that have made communication easier. By sending out messages that inform employees of organization news, successes, and challenges, you’ll be encouraging every employee to feel included as a part of the team.

Organize Team Building Exercises

Team building is still an essential method for helping your employees bond with one another and with their team leaders. Exercises that encourage your employees to rely on one another, while also enabling them to exercise their own talents will help them learn how to better relate to one another. When they return to the workplace, they will have a better understanding of each other, which means they will get along better and function more efficiently as a team.

Practice an Open Door Policy

Don’t just say you have an open door policy; literally leave your office door open so your employees will feel encouraged to stop by and share their concerns, thoughts, and ideas. This will help you get to know your employees a little better. Also, your employees will have a more positive mindset because they will feel like valued team members as opposed to feeling like replaceable employees.

As you move forward, look for ways to promote positivity in the workplace. If you run out of ideas, consider asking your employees for their input. You may get some intriguing new ideas and, best of all, this in itself will help to promote a better company culture.

Originally published on MichaelRalby.org.