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Anyone can have the best educational background, be exposed to extraordinary working experiences, and be in the company of exemplary people – but still be unproductive. It’s not entirely inescapable, but it is indeed difficult to get out of a slump. Sometimes, everything else seems so interesting, except for that thing you have to be working on, and you might even convince yourself that “next time” is still okay.

Well, you do have next time, until you don’t; you’ll be okay until you realize that so much time has passed yet you still haven’t accomplished anything, and you won’t be okay. Procrastination can be tricky, but you can cancel it out with enough determination and with the help of these products designed for promoting efficiency and productivity:

1. The Habit Journal

Habit tracking is one of the trending techniques in self-actualization that the BuJo or Bullet Journaling community had developed, and this has brought tremendous improvements to the design of products made for efficiency and productivity.

By means of writing down your habits, goals, distractions, and thought, it takes a form of admittance, thus giving you a sense of accountability towards yourself. By making these tangible, you are face-to-face with your own errors and are given the opportunity to improve them.

Keeping a habit journal can also be a form of therapy, and having your goals visible from time to time serves as a good reminder to keep going. One thing to look out for is that if you’re a crafty and creative person with a hint of perfectionism, delving in too deep in the journaling hole can put your productivity stream into a full halt.

Preparing all those dainty sheets on “planning” can get you stuck and convince you that you’ve done your part for the day when you haven’t, so it’s best that self-discipline should be exercised to some degree. Remember that the best plans are the ones that actually get done, and the most valuable tasks are the ones that are accomplished. You can check more details here.

2. Best Self Co

With all the productivity applications made to battle the shortening attention span of the modern community, this is something that you can be proud of. Especially ideal to help you handle large projects with a big work bulk, Best Self co is designed to break them down to smaller tasks that you can work on gradually. This is effective for people who need to build up a flow before diving into their tasks by allowing them to work their way through a slowly increasing difficulty. It helps management to check productivity without being intrusive. The app also applied the principle of the Pomodoro technique where you are given breaks after 25 minutes of working. This method of rewarding yourself after devoting yourself to work is a great way of getting into your flow, and before you know it, you’re hooked to the project and no longer waiting for the time to pass. You can check more details and deals about BestSelfco here.

3. Fidgi Pen

Another enemy of productivity and efficiency, aside from procrastination, is anxiety. It also distracts you from your work focus, not with other seemingly more interesting things, but with minor physical inconveniences like sweaty palms, panicked breathing, and fidgeting.

The attack doesn’t only keep you at a standstill, but it sometimes draws unwanted attention from other people. This is where Fidgi Pen can come in handy as it comes with various fidget areas that divert your focus and gradually ease your anxiety attack.

The effect is seamless, and before you even notice, the stress has subsided and you can get back to work. This product can be particularly useful when you’re in front of your boss, a client, or if you’re leading a presentation.

4. AppKettle

Calling out to all the caffeine-ridden coffee devotees out there – this one is for you. The AppKettle is designed not just for those who dearly love and are addicted to coffee but for those who take way too long in finishing their cup of joe.

 Although having it cold is how some prefer, it’s not the same as a warm cup, and what the AppKettle does is that it makes it conveniently easier to maintain the temperature of the cup or kettle until 30 minutes. It works with a similar concept as an insulated tumbler.; this way, you can stay in your A-game for a longer time.


These apps were designed to enhance the results of your mental capacity by reducing the factors that affect your productivity, but the determination will still be up to you. Even so, we hope this list gives you enough insight to know what can make you more efficient in your endeavors for your business, work, and career. Along the way, you may encounter harder challenges that will require more brainstorming and strategy, and we hope you pull through. Stay productive!