For a company to fare better, the loyalty of the employees is just as important as that of the customers. In fact, if you want better customer engagement and retention you need to focus on making your employees happy and get the job satisfaction they are looking for. While the old fashioned team meeting does help boost the morale of everyone, employees are often known to not be forthright honest with their seniors. Thus utilizing technology and incorporating an employee experience management platform often helps companies to not only understand their employees better but to reach out sooner and more effectively.

5 Ways for Making Your Employees Feel Better at their Workplace

Today’s employees are looking for more than just a secured job. They want to make a difference and seek job satisfaction. Going through the same routine often tends to dim their productivity and in the long run, employees lose trust and respect for their employees. In fact, if you go by the data collected via a reliable employee experience survey software you will understand that employees will stick for lesser pay if they feel that the job is mentally stimulating and the employers provide a secure and productive workplace. Here are 5 Ways You can Ensure Improved Employee Experience in Your Company

Focus on Flexibility: The majority of employees find that sticking to the same 9 to 5 routine kills their vibe. This affects their dedication and productivity. If you allow space for employee flexibility so that they will be able to get things done at their own pace, you will find that your employees will be able to focus better and enjoy their work. With this enjoyment comes the dedication that will help your company to do better. For example, you can take the help of an employee experience software to reach out to your employees better and track their progress.

Focus on Bettering the Internal Communications: Every business depends on the smooth way that each team and team player collaborates properly and this depends on bettering the internal communications. Given the current scenario of the pandemic, the need for remote working has grown immensely. This will create a bridge in the colleagues’ relationship not allowing this bond to foster better. This hindrance will definitely affect the company as the well-oiled machine is becoming disjointed. If you include a well-developed employee experience management platform that not only allows employees to keep track of their work but also helps them share their thoughts and form the bond that will help each one of them to emerge stronger.

Have Employee-Focused Surveys: The best thing about embracing technology is that you can curate things that will address not only specific areas but also focus on specific people. Conducting surveys is always a good way to understand the current mentality of your employee and also learn about their grievances. This is where the employee experience survey software comes in. This software can be designed to add specific questions to the surveys so that a constant flow of feedback gets collected. This data is then processed via AI to generate reports that will help you to curate the workplace to fit the needs.

Introduce a Let Your Hair Down Period: When you have people from different walks of life working under the same roof, you need to not just understand them as employees but also as people. This will help you not just understand their dynamics better but you can also understand which collaboration will work wonders. This not only helps with the growth of your business but also provides room for the development and career growth of your employees. Having a fun period will help your employees to relax, have some distractions, and then return to work feeling refreshed.

Prompt Action on Feedback: The whole point of incorporating the employee experience platform is not just to collect data and have real-time data generation but to also know the critical feedback and take prompt actions that will suit the employee and the company. This way you not only promote a more honest and transparent workspace but you also make your employees feel secured. If they can trust you with critical feedback without facing dire consequences they will want to contribute more to the company.

This is the era of hybrid technologies, smart automation, and letting machines do the intuitive thinking on our part, in short, it is the era of artificial intelligence. And there are companies like piHappiness that works towards providing employee experience software that enhances the utility of the employee experience program by incorporating AI and machine learning that not only collects data constantly but analyses it better and provides workable reports to help you understand your employees better.